DENIAL is not a river in Egypt

I have been trying to determine why fans are so upset about the Vikings selecting what they believe is a Franchise QB in the draft.

The answer is pretty simple.  Many fans are still in denial that the Vikes are in desperate need for a Franchise QB.

There were 10 teams out of the 1st 12 selecting in the draft that were picking in the lower 1/3rd because they did not have a decent QB last year. The Vikings were one of those teams.  Houston isn't one of those. The Cowboys (most would argue) is not one of those.  All of the others have not succeeded because of their QB.  Yes, I include Denver with Orton. Denver has attempted to solve the problem by drafting a QB last year.  Yes, I include Cincy.  Palmer has shown his age and was terrible last year.   It is possible that Cincy is the issue not Palmer but I think it is fair to say that Palmer did not perform well at all.


The Vikings are in exactly the same position as the other terrible bottom 1/3rd draft pickers.  We have no QB that has the size, experience, and proven QB accumen that would constitute a Franchise QB.  No one.

The Vikings drafted a tall, strong, athletic, smart QB that completed over 60% of his passes in college.  A QB from a big school that knows how to read defenses. A QB that is smart and had a 35 on the Wonderlick. A guy that can learn the playbook in a hurry.

Three new head coaches ( Frasier, Munchak, and Rivera) took QBs in the first round last night.  This is normal.  A new coach with a new system wants to build that system with a QB that fits that system.  Frasier never would have drafted Joe Webb as his starting QB.  Never. Joe might be talented, but he isn't ready to run the complicated West Coast Offense that the Vikings will employ. Joe might develop.  But a new coach isn't going to let him maybe learn on the job and end up with a terrible record.  This is not how the NFL rolls.


Many believed the Vikings reached for a QB in the draft. To believe that means the Vikings did not follow their draft board.  It means that Ziggy Wilf was sitting in the War room and watched his Triangle of Authority not follow what they had planned and talked about for months.  That he watched them not follow the plan they had discussed and solidified only one day earlier.  Having one of the top jobs in the Vikings organization is a wonderful opportunity.  I really doubt that Frasier, Brezinski, and Spielman thumbed their finger at Ziggy and went away from their draft board.

Any fan has the right to judge the evaluation of Christian Ponder as a QBOF. He has had injuries. He doesn't have the strongest arm ( although not weak).  But do not deny the fact that the Vikings needed a young franchise QB.  Do not deny that Christian Ponder has some wonderful traits and glowing statistics coming out of a top program.  And, for God's sake, do not deny that the Vikings have a competent group of front office staff that isn't going to act differently than they historically have acted on draft night.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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