Thoughts on Orton?..

(and general Broncos 'value trade' discussion)

All this talk about a Kolb trade has gotten me thinking..  To me, with respect to trades, (especially NFL) the team's condition (and projections) and conference are almost just as important as the players involved.

I'm not sure how attached Denver is to Orton, considering all the stake they've sunk into the other 2 guys on their depth chart.  They got him for a song in the Cutler deal.  I haven't seen any strong trade rumors, but I believe Denver is a great suitor at this time for a 1st round draft day trade, mainly because:

(if Orton was gone, to boot)

- Denver will likely be one of the worst 2 teams in the next 2 years, so any exchanged picks would be calculated 'upside', to me

- They're in a rebuilding phase, and need to stockpile young talent

- Will suffer in the next 2 years due to mini-busts and those borderline.. (Alphonso Smith, Ayers, J. Moss, Demaryius)

- MOST importantly, (since only QB usually proves to be worth the slot) they may not 'want' the #1 or #2 overall picks in the next couple years since they've already made their bed w/ Tebow

- Maybe Denver themselves doesn't yet realize how bad they're going to be (purely my opinion)

All that said, I realize we would have to surrender some player talent of our own, and certainly not just draft picks.  I know this is somewhat drastic, but I believe it could pay some huge returns of a 5-year span..

(4-3 scheme trading to a 3-4 scheme, understood...  mostly :)

- E.J. Henderson, Leber, C. Cook, S. Rice and even Jared himself

Many of those names were excrutiating for me to type out (including my absolute favorite player in Rice, but history shows that one must truly pay to build something great..  especially greatness that lasts.

I know this post reeks of speculation and mostly worthless hypotheticals.  But it's the off-season, right?  Surely you infer by now that this post implies a potential trade that could land us Andrew Luck.  Come draft day, I would LOVE to see us trading w/ Denver.

Wrapping up with a poll:

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