Exploring Trade Up Scenarios

[Edit:  This is why DN is the best Vikings site on the web.  I logged on to do a 'let's trade up' post, and it's already been done.  Great stuff, rj-b!--Ted]

Before I get completely ripped apart for suggesting trading up (considering our already diminished collection of early round picks), I'm not saying we 'should' do this, only exploring the possibilities (I'm actually a bigger fan of trading down in this draft).  this is hypothetical only if the right situation presents itself -- and by 'right', I mean what I think to be ideal  ;)  Feel free to read through and discuss whether or not I am in the ballpark here.

First, let's assume a CBA won't be worked out by draft day (something I was very wrong about) -- meaning we can't trade players, only picks.

Second, let's consider the area(s) of need, which position(s) we would be giving up an awful lot for.  It certainly isn't any secret QB is tops on that list, and IMO it is followed closely by DB.  FWIW, this falls in line with the number of players the Vikes are giving private workouts to who are either QB or DB.  You could argue DL or OL are also pressing needs, but DL is so deep in this year's draft and we could practically have our pick of the litter at OL at #12 anyway, so I will be disregarding them in this scenario.

Now, this narrows our search dramatically.  There is about a 99% chance these four players (2 QB, 2 CB) will not fall to #12.  I will try to stay objective in my assessment, but obviously I will have some bias.  You already know who they are, I'll give my brief thoughts:

- Blaine Gabbert -- If you had to list a consensus #1 QB in this draft, it's him.  Maybe not as good as previous #1 QB prospects, but in any other year he'd probably still be in the top 3, and has a good chance of being a franchise QB somewhere and could possibly compete for a starting job right out of the gate.

- Cam Newton -- His ego aside, he is still getting drafted early for his seemingly sky-high potential.  A superb athlete but still raw as a QB and will take time to develop his skills.

- Patrick Peterson -- One word: stud.  Has been labeled the 'safest' pick in the draft and even the top player (even though his odds of going #1 are very slim).  Should be a Pro Bowl CB in no time.

- Prince Amukamara -- Falls slightly behind Peterson in terms of talent but still worthy of a top 10 pick; like Peterson he will (or should) start at CB his rookie year.

So who can we realistically consider trading up for without selling the farm, and how likely is it to happen??  What would we have to give up, and would it be worth it??

Well, in my eyes, it wouldn't be easy for most of the top 10...

#1 Carolina -- Not only do I not see this as a likely option, but it would cost far too much.  And, Carolina is in just as much need of a QB as we are, so...Not Likely

#2 Denver -- Same as above in terms of cost, and they'll probably take whoever they deem to be their top defensive need.  Not Likely

#3 Buffalo -- Buffalo has so many holes to fill, but Peterson looks decent here and they may go QB despite having a decent option in Fitzpatrick.  And what else could we throw in with #12 to trade up this high??  Our 2nd and 4th??  Next year's 1st??  Not Likely

#4 Cincinnati -- I honestly don't think Cincinnati will be a willing partner...they either go QB or WR here, neither of which they will have a good shot at with #12.  Not Likely

#5 Arizona -- Also an unlikely candidate, with a need for a QB and an apparent crush on Von Miller.  Not Likely

#6 Cleveland -- This one had me thinking, but it would cost us #12 and at least next year's 2nd (i don't think we'd give up #43 this year w/o a 3rd rd pick as it is).  Throw on top of that a new head coach who probably won't trade away the opportunity to have a blue chip player fall in his lap, and...Not Likely

#7 San Fransisco -- Another new head coach in need of a QB, and they'll probably take one of the CB's should the top QB's be gone.  Not Likely

#8 Tennessee -- Fancy this, another new head coach for a team with a glaring hole at QB.  If the top QB's are gone, the Titans become a possible trade partner...but i think the way things are going to fall this year is, they'll stay put and grab the BPA left over from the teams before them and be happy with that.  Possibly, but Not Likely

#9 Dallas -- Dallas has a lot of pieces in place, but they still have needs...CB, OT, DE.  It all depends on how they prioritize.  If they want to focus on a 3-4 DE or OT, we could possibly entice them to move back a couple spots so we can grab Amukamara if he falls this far.  And, it wouldn't cost us an awful lot -- maybe we give up a late round pick and swap our 2nd rounder for their 3rd.  to get Prince, I'd certainly consider that.  Possibly

#10 Washington -- Where do the Redskins go...??  I should think WR, likely Julio if he is there.  If they drop back two, they'd still have a good shot at getting him.  Though it would probably cost us our 4th rd pick.  Possibly

#11 Houston -- ...does it seem weird to anyone else that we would trade up with the team right in front of us??  I'm not sure how functional that is, but if Prince dropped this far I don't see him getting past the Texans.  We have many late round picks and Houston has very few...perhaps a couple late rounders would convince them to go back one spot.  Possibly

In my mind, i don't think Cam is worth it...scratch.

I don't think we have a shot at Gabbert (think about it -- if our first viable option to trade up is Tennessee at #8, and by some miracle Gabbert drops that far, they're be falling over themselves on their way to the podium to make him a Titan.  That's assuming Gabbert gets by Arizona)...scratch.

Peterson won't get by San Fran at #7.  I'd be downright shocked if he fell that far, anyway...scratch.

So -- to me, anyway -- that realistically leaves us possibly trading up beginning at #8 for Prince Amukamara. which, if he falls that far, isn't a bad scenario, all things considered.

Hopefully my logic wasn't too concise, but this post is long-winded enough as it is.  What are your thoughts??

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