Newsflash! for those who don't really know

Now personally I get a little sick and tired of Central fans ( currently North fans) ragging that the Vikings have not represented us with a title. Bear with me if you don't know the history

While reading the Vikings update I was raeding where the 1970 win over the Browns was actually a legit NFL Championship. Interesting as as I searched the history, the merger of the AFL and NFL was not complete. That being said that anything that year and prior was NOT under the official merger and was as legit of title as any during the previous years. Actually more so as the league had expanded bringing Minnesota in so as not to have the AFL beat them to a franchise in Minnesota.

It is history in stone! All NFL teams were crowned NFL Champions despite an agreement to enter a Super Bowl compitition. Any and all teams affiliated with the NFL were no less Champions than those who proceeded them. The difference was that the Super Bowl was introduced. It was later that the merger was finalized and inter-league play became part of the NFL. There was no affiliation between the 2 leagues other than a contract to hold a Super Bowl.

So when we hear that we are the only ones NOT to have won a title and the Lions are even given credit for winning some in a 10 team league. Remeber that the Vikings DID win a legit title under NFL status only. The Super Bowl at the time was not deemed the Championship of the NFL.

I remember it well as a 12 year old kid and how exciting it was to beat the heralded Browns and thumping them. All teams prior to the official merger who won the NFL were considered NFL Champions. Now lets face it, that was big vack then. Also at the time the Super Bowl gave the AFL a legit chance at building better teams. That was as great as team as ever was. Every player knew it was a fluke weather day and knew they were the better team (proven by the following years butt whooping of the Cheifs) Not one player took praise away from them for that but each player to a tee swallows that loss as the one that did not show what the Vikings team of 69 was. Had SB games been played earlier, there may have been some other upsets-we;ll never know. But the Vikings played AFL teams that were now destined to be part of the NFL package, Not he wussies that were brat up on the 1st few years.

Problem being the Super Bowl choked the glory line from a great team that had a Super Bowl agreement not have been made. Hands down Vikings would have no asteric with that title.

I had to write this as I saw something very unique I am auctioning on. An original media copy of the what I believe was the last NFL title trophy given - That being to YOUR Minnesota Vikings,

PS - We were there to give you the expansion you needed to secure strong football cities. Move Minnesota and you move history. Is Buffalo any better off than us? Are they part of NFL history ? Well, yes, to a point and their fans deserve better. Move anyone, move Jacksonville. Tjere is no need for another team in Florida and they only show when winning. Which isn't often. Shoot even Tampa was blacked out a few times til they started winning this year. Go back 15 years and the sombraro was full of purple So their budget/[rofits can't be better than the Vikings. What other teams do you see crowding Visiting stadiums like our fans. And a shout out to you other NFCN teams who come in droves to fill Tampa, Miami and other cities with enemy jerseys. Vikings fans support this league all over. So Mr Goodell and Owners, think on that B4 sending our Vikings off. You won't have that fan base filling your stadiums if they move.We provide revenue to your cities like few other fans do

(off the topic but had to be tossed in) CHEERS TO THE 1970 NFL CHAMPIONS- MINNESOTA VIKINGS ! )

 Long may the banners of the HOFers and Ring of Honor fly forever over my home. MINNESOTA!

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