Statistics About Bans/Community Service Announcement

Was just looking around this vast internet of ours tonight, and noticed that there were a couple of places that apparently think I wield the proverbial "banhammer" too heavily. It was the standard whining, which I'm used to, but it kind of got me to thinking whether or not there's a small chance that it might actually even be true. So, I dug up some numbers.

According to the dashboard that is attached to this site, over the course of the past 57 months, this humble little website has accumulated 6,743 members. It's not as many as some SB Nation sites have, but I'd like to think it's pretty darn good, as far as blogs go. When I flip the status filter to show how many people have been banned, that number drops from 6,743 to. . .187.

Yes. . .in the 1,733 days that this website has been active on the internet, we have, on average, banned one person about every nine and a half days. OH THE HUGE MANATEE!

But we can narrow it down even more still. Of the 187 banned "members," 76 of those were deemed to be spambots that are banned from everywhere around SB Nation for putting ads for things like erectile dysfunction drugs and stuff like that. So that reduces our number from 187 to 111. That brings the average number of bannings to one every fifteen and a half days or so.

But we can reduce things even further than that, because there are individuals that have been banned from here under more than one screen name. For example, one floater that has been particularly hard to flush follows me around from an internet forum that I believe recently changed their motto to "You will kiss our team's rear ends all the time, or we will send you threats of physical violence against you and your family." (Because that's how they handle their disagreements with fans of other teams. Mature, no?)

Well, earlier tonight I banned this. . ."person". . .under their fifth different screen name. The ones we've been through so far are


(And this after he told the people at another SB Nation website that he only had one SB Nation screen name. Now that's just dishonest.)

I'm sure there will be more, because that's just who this person is. Isn't that sad? Wouldn't most people generally give up and stop being stupid by now? Ah, well. . .as long as I'm in charge, they'll keep getting banned.

We have a couple of other multiple screen name types here, too. . .I haven't gone through them all or anything. But, I'm guessing that if we broke them down farther, we could reduce those 111 screen names to somewhere between 70 and 80 actual people.

So, over the course of 57 months. . .1,733 days of existence. . .someone has managed to get themselves banned from this very website once every three to three and a half weeks.

Hardly tyrannical, I think.

The bottom line is this. . .at this website, we don't ban people indiscriminately. If you've managed to get yourself banned from here, it's because you've done something to earn it. I realize that lashing out at me is much easier than actually taking responsibility for your own actions, but that doesn't mean you're right.

And that's your community service announcement for this evening.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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