Brad Childress found a new gig

According to this article from SB Nation Minnesota, the former Vikings head coach has been hired by the Green Bay Packers as their new head coach CBS Sports as a draft analyst.  Childress will be teaming up with Dan Fouts and Randy Cross for an online show that will stream on 

Say what you will about the man so affectionately known as "Chilly" and his non-exisitent personality abilities on game day, but the guy has a pretty good draft record.  There has been quite the debate over the last 4 years about who really was in charge of the war room; Chilly or Spielman? 

Chilly has often been blammed for the TJack pick, while Spielman generally received credit for the good picks.  But if we learned anything from last weekend's draft, there definately was a different feel to the way the war room conducted it's business. 

The first difference I noticed was that the 2011 version of the Vikings war room did not trade up, while every year since 2006 the Vikings have traded up at least once per draft.  Rather this war room, lead by the TOA (1 part Frazier, 1 part Spielman, and 1 part balls of steel) seemed more than confident to sit on their picks and take the BPA. 

In 2006 Childress and Co. traded up twice into the second round which famously resulted in Ryan Cook and Tarvaris Jackson.  In 2007 they traded up into the 4th round for shot put champion defensive end Brian Robison.  In 2008 the Vikings traded their 1st and 3rd round picks to KC for Jared Allen.  The Vikings also traded up in round 2 for one TyRELL Bass Johnson.  In 2009 the Vikes used 2 picks for QB's, our 4th for Sage Rosenfels, and we had previously promised our 6th for Kelly Holcomb.  In 09 Childress also traded up in the 5th to select Jasper "the friendly ghost" Brinkley (too much?  Okay I'll stop).  And finally in 2010 the Vikings used their additional 2nd rounder and a 3rd round pick to trade back into the 2nd and select Stanford running back Toby Gerhart.

Another difference is that in 2011 we actually witnessed the Vikings trade down with the intention of acquiring additional picks and using those said picks to draft players in said draft.  This can only mean one of two things:  Either Childress was a little reckless in the 2nd-5th rounds and Frazier is much more patient in the war room; or Spielman changed his draft philosophy.  I guess the answer depends on how much authority you believe Spielman has in the draft room.  I think Frazier is a calming presence all the way around.  Spielman openly said in his pre-draft PC's that he would like to make a move to get back into the 3rd round.  That likely would have cost draft picks or cost them a chance to land a stud like Rudolph in the 2nd.  I think Frazier stepped in and said let's be patient and see what happens.  Where as in the past with a Chilly/Spielman led war room, they might have traded down to acquire that 3rd or given up later picks (and future picks) to move up.   

The final and biggest difference is that Leslie Frazier targeted a QB and jumped on him early.  Childress on the other hand seemed confident in his ability to groom raw, late-round prospects and to talk retired guys off the porch rather than take a potential QBOTF. 

In conclusion, CBS is adding a quality talent evaluator, as long as they don't ask Childress to comment on QBs or trade possibilites. 

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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