It Wouldn't Be June Without Some Crazy Favre Speculations.

      Its been a normal June, school is out, the weather is hot, I've been having a fun time hanging outside with my cousins, and of course the Brett Favre speculation is starting again. I don't usually visit very often, usually because the website tends to have the same attitude towards the Vikings as the organization it represents. Of course, this being a rather boring day, I just randomly typed into internet explorer and on the home page had this headline.

"Break glass in case of emergency:
With a shortened time for rookies' preparation, some old faces could get emergency calls."

    After clicking this link I came to a story with this headline:

"As lockout slows young QBs, Old Man Favre looms as option"

    My first reaction was really? are they that desperate for page views? Upon reading the article, I realized it wasn't quite as crazy as I first suspected. They've finally realized that the vikings might have reasons to not want Favre to come back. However, they're now speculating that some other unfortunate team might end up needing Favre as the lockout could force teams to cancel training camps preventing rookies from being able to be prepared for the season (camps which Favre would be more than happy to miss). Here is the part of the article relating to Favre as well as a link

Brett Favre, 41: I know it seems like heresy to even speculate another comeback after years of will-he-won't-he offseason drama. Favre's officially filed retirement papers, and his body probably will take years to recover from 20 seasons of abuse.

Still, with this lockout shortening the time players such as Jake Locker, Cam Newton and Andy Dalton have to prepare (no mention of Christian Ponder because the Vikings wouldn't dare go there again with Favre), having a guy to serve as "nursemaid" is a viable option. Favre's career ended with him standing on the sideline in street clothes because of a concussion. Not quite a storybook ending.

Teams could do a lot worse than Favre, and we know he'd sure make things fun/crazy/absurd. Thing is, if he would rekindle the magic the way he did in 2009, we'd be back to Cirque du Favre.

     Just to reassure everyone SI sportswriter Peter King quoted Favre as saying  "I can still throw the ball as well as I ever have. No question about that. But I don't want to put my body through that anymore. I've been beat up enough."

        But given how Favre has taking flip flopping to a whole new level, we can't really trust anything he says, can we? so on to the speculation. The funny thing about this is it almost makes sense, we know how Favre works, he denies, denies, then denies some more that he wants to play football then he shows up after training camp all ready to play. I mean if Favre wants to play and Newton isn't ready cause of the lockout, its not like he could make the panthers worse than they already are. right? Personally, though, I don't care what Favre does at this point; as long as he stay away from the vikings, I'm fine.




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