My Way or the Highway

You know, I've been looking for a reason to put something by Elgar on the front page. . .and, lo and behold, here we go! - Chris

Oh, the alienation of it.  Are you ready for some football?  Hello???  Hello???  (I guess no one's home.)  Oh wait, here's the announcement:  Your regularly scheduled sport has been interrupted for a word from all those people who won't take yes for an answer.

Miller Beer bites the dust in Minnesota.  Can your Viking stadium and Minnesota Vikings be far behind?  Will there be a 2011 NFL season?    Hello???

Sure, we all take a lot for granted.  The MillerCoors Brewing Company presumed the Minnesota legislature was actually capable of doing its job and coming up with a workable state budget.   Naw, that hasn't happened yet, and with no government available to renew their brand label registration in the state, Miller Lite is no longer legal for sale in the state whose chosen bird is the loon.

Seems to be the will of the people: Let's make things undoable.  Dare to say no.

There's a lot of this "my way or the highway" thinking going around, isn't there?   People seem stuck in zero sum game thinking, meaning they think the only way I can eat is to steal your lunch.   Hell no, Arden Hills, we're the mighty Saint Paul, and we think it's important to pass a resolution that has all the binding authority of a used chili dog wrapper on this subject and shout it out to the world.  How dare you dare to be great and actually work with the only NFL franchise we've really got to try to accomplish something?   We must bend the others to our will.  My way of the highway.

No, Rodney King, apparently we all can't just get along.  The NFL and NFLPA are raking in billions and are feuding like the last dollar left was at stake.  Happy medium?  What kind of traitor would propose (let alone agree to) such ideas?  It's either them or us!  Let's all go suicidal and strap on our vests.  Have the terrorists of the world won the philosophical battle of the 21st century?  We all seem to think our survival is at stake if someone else is involved in our economics. 

The idea that we'll all be better off if everyone promises themselves not to give an inch is a sure way for things to all go to hell.  I'm not saying that humanity was designed for multitasking, but if we can't chew gum and walk at the same time, it won't take an alien invasion to take us down.  Am I ready for some football?  Yeah, where is it?

I'm out here in California waiting for the dust to settle in Minnesota.  You will notice I've moved upwind for some reason.  You can read into that something about my confidence in my former Minnesota state senator and her peers to be trusted with looking out for me or my chosen team.  Sure, I freely admit that California is no shining example of cooperation, but at least they have a state budget.  I bet there are billionaires out here a lot more eager to talk to Zygi Wilf that the elected officials of that certain state where the flag is written in French, whether anyone there even understands the words or not.   Where is your guiding star, Minnesota?   You seem to have fallen into a fog and lost your bearings.

Sure, conflict in life is unavoidable, but gridlock is not the answer.

I can't go to Mankato and see what I think of Christian Ponder's chances.  Bullheadedness has taken over the known universe, and not even fantasy football is safe from it. 

Yes, they were dead right in Alien:  In space, no one can hear you scream.  Now that they've blown up the Metrodome, what good is it?

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