time to cool off, take a break and cook some burgers

This is what we are expected to do according to Ted Mondale, Gov. Mark Dayton's point man for the stadium.

After waiting for nearly a decade for the political geniuses in St. Paul to get their collective heads out of their (insert three-letter alternate name for donkeys) and pass a stadium deal that would actually ADD tax revenue (GASP) and easily pay for itself over the life of a new 30 year lease. But NOOOOO in these troubled times (aren't they always troubled times?) in MN, when we have nearly 20% unemployment in the construction field which also happens to be highest in the nation...  we certainly can't start a project that would actually add 7000 new construction jobs in the state... people would riot in the streets like Toronto!! (see: Stanley Cup 2011 for people that don't like it when the don't get there way, eh?)

Mondale also said. "There's no doubt the community is committed to getting the team a new stadium as long as it's later or never." Ok... i might have added to that last part but... COME FRACKING ON!!!

In other news... Mankato, MN may miss out on (said like Dr. Evil) 5 MILLION DOLLARS (/end voice) of tourist dollars into the local community because the Vikings might not be able to hold training camp due to NFL lockout hold ups.

5 MILLION... PER YEAR TO THE COMMUNITY OF MANKATO... hotels, restaurants, gas stations, shops are getting money from Viking fans that travel to the area and spend money..... not into ziggys ol'e greedy moneybags. Pretty easy to see why some in Arden Hills are against this deal. YOU TOURISTS STINK.  Keep your dirty sports money at home we certainly don't want your icky "millionaire playground / training camp /sports museum / tourist destination here" we would much rather have our abandoned ammo dump... i mean ... look at the thistles! Aren't they pretty?

Five Mill $$$  just for training camp to the city of Arden Hills... not counting ANY games? Clearly a bummer of a deal for the local shop owners. If I were them I would be digging moats to prevent the Vikings from sneaking in to my city and trying to set up shop there. HOLYCRAPCANYOUHEARTHESARCASIMDRIPPINGINMYVOICE


Now back to our wonderful well meaning caretakers politicians for a minute...

Granted i may be a little biased but What in the Wild Wild World of Sports is a goin' on here. We elected you people to get a little work done... not jump around wasting time like a bunch of Kansas City f***** Chiefs. (see what i did there?) 

Clearly the TIME IS NOT RIGHT to get this done now maybe we'll wait another ten years when the climate is right and the there is not a storm a-brewin'... I mean the best time to replace your windshield wipers is after it's stopped raining, Right? Course... once it stops raining... we really don't need wipers now do we? Perhaps 2024 would be better.

Ziggy is such a greedy sob. Can you believe he has the nerve to offer to pay for 1/3 of the construction government owned building ... just for the right to rent it and of course pick out the color of the seats? Dogs and cats... living together... mass hysteria!! Clearly, we should run the evil job creating economy boosting rich bastards out of the state on a rail!

I feel like charlie brown while trying to kick the football while lucy holds it... then yanks it away at the last second.


good grief. (end rant)

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