Packers will dominate in 2011


No team has even shown up and that's the league wide consensus. The media, who has been so desperate for something to write about has created topics like "which teams will dominate from 2014-2016" and even "the dream team of 2014" and yes, rumors of a certain QB.

But the most outlandish article of all- "The Packers will dominate 2011"
What upsets me about this article? Not that I'm a Vikings fan, Not that I'm an anti-Packer enthusiasts, its the word dominate. A brief google of the word turned up:
Dominate- Rule, Control, to exert a supreme determining or guiding influence upon
Really? Dominate- no football team has dominated since the 16-0 Pats, and they didn't win the Super bowl. What happened to the unwritten rule that the media was supposed to be impartial? All I see and read is the superiority of the Packers. The NFL is made for NO team to Dominate, as long as they don't video tape the other teams plays and relay them to Tom Brady.
Its an extremely bold statement to say that the Packers will dominate in 2011 because they certainly did not dominate in 2010. Here is the evidence:
1. Injuries- The past few years the Packers have been riddled with injuries. I can say with confidence that it will happen again. Every team is 1 injury away form being average, and it can certainly happen to a group that is injury prone.
2. Cap room- As of now the Pack is over the cap (alleged cap). So how do they "get better" by cutting guys that deserve the money?
3. Long season- They played 3 or 4 more games than many of the teams. They are coming off of injuries. Its tough to play a 20 game season and then play another 20 game season.
4. Aaron Rodgers- Troy Aikmen part 2. I believe he has had at least 3 known so far, and once you get them, they only come easier. If they don't improve their line or limit his running he'll likely get a 4th and maybe a 5th. Troy Aikman had 10, but Rodgers is young. They add up quick.   
Also, He’s a record mogul now. He doesn’t need football. He’ll quit and sign the Lady GaGa’s and Katy Perry’s of the world. But hey, maybe Favre will come back as a Packer?
5. They didn't dominate in 2010- The Packers had so many breaks, given to them by outside sources, that enabled them to make it to the Super bowl.
Clay Matthews- Very overrated player. Yeah he had 13.5 sacks, but Allen had 11 and got off to a slow start. The numbers: 60 total tackles, 54 solo and 6 combined. All together that 3.75 per game, or only 3.3 solo tackles per game. Not even 1 per quarter. Far from Dominant. Even if Matthews is a “QB rusher” he should still be able to get the RB on a play action or something. What was he doing the rest of the plays, those that he took off?
First, the wild card race: One play gave them the wild card seat. The refs blown call on the Shiancoe touchdown. The call was obviously a TD, which was stated by the TV analysts working the game, yet the ref calls it a dropped pass. The catch was ruled a TD I believe (not 100% on this and could be wrong). Which would mean that their needs to be compelling evidence to show it as otherwise. At best there was no showing of any ball movement, nor any solid indicator of it ever hitting the ground.

The Packers win

by 4, by the end of the season they are at 10-6. In my opinion they were 1 terribly biased call away from 9-7, which would have landed them out of the wild card and no play-off appearance.
Second, Da Bears had two opportunities and they gave them both away. They played a terrible game against them to end the season and lost. I guess it doesn't pay to play conservative even if you have the first round bye locked down. Then in the play-off game, what’s the deal with Jay Cutler? He hurts his knee but doesn't know on which play. He's was too hurt to play, but not hurt enough to change out of his uniform or even SIT on the bench. He STOOD the whole game. Question, does anyone know the deal on this? Did he have surgery? Did they even name the type of injury he had? Im glad I don't have to put my Super bowl hopes on the biggest whimp in the league.
I didn't write this for Vikings fans, I wrote this for Packer fans who have nothing better to do than to read Vikings blogs and comment as if they are superior beings. I bated you in with the title, and now you've read enough to get upset... Comment away- I want to know how the Pack nation feels about this.
P.S. By saying: "How many super bowls has your team won?" It shows your limited football knowledge and your inability to move forward. Stop living in the past. 

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