L.A. Times announces Miss Communication 2011

"Those words that you're liable to read in the bible, it ain't necessarily so..."  -Sportin' Life

(Porgy and Bess, Ira Gerswhin)


Here's an article from the left coast (L.A. Times) related to a Minnesota stadium:,0,4035461.story


Well, there's the whole truth and nothing but the truth and then there's "not exactly"...


Reporter Brian asked Owner Wilf in Mankato:  "Zygi, should Vikings fans be nervous that LA has more momentum now than Minnesota...?" 

Zygmunt Wilf replied: "No.  We have momentum here in Arden Hills."

In the words of Paul Simon: "Well, I would not give you false hope, on this sad and mournful day..."

It seems that Zygi is fighting for the last best hope of Minnesota NFL football, but he did not say Vikings fans should or should not worry about the Vikings moving to LA.  That's not the question he was asked.  Nor did he say Arden Hills has more momentum than LA.

It is important to note that the solution of the Vikings moving to LA most likely involves Wilf and company not owning the Vikings any more.  

Prior to the exchange of words above in Mankato, Les Bagley spoke, and his words with regard  to Governor Dayton and the legislature reminded me of that country Buck Owens classic, "I've got the hungries for your love, and I'm waiting in your welfare line," because it seems as if --should the Hail Mary not be caught-- the Vikings will become the only NFL team without a lease. 

Homeless NFL teams, like other indigents, usually wind up somewhere else:  Jails, cardboard boxes, or other cities with a somewhat less fatal climate.

In other words, Zyg is not using scare tactics.  He's making the case that Minnesota should build a stadium now because:

  1. It will create jobs in the midst of bad economic times.
  2. Costs of a stadium will not be less if we wait until later.
  3. The lease is expiring, and he's not saying he wants to renew it.

So don't let what they say out here in California confuse you. 

(After all, why do you think this is news in California?  Hint: since my last mention of such an incident, I've encountered to more patrons in California restaurants wearing Adrian Peterson jerseys, the $200 variety, not those of some Charger or Raider.)

I leave you with the voice of Frankie Vallie:

Tell me you'll love me for a million years.  If it don't work out...  If it don't work out...  then you can tell me goodbye...


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