Wake Up and Get On The Bandwagon: Vikes Are Undefeated!

The great thing about team sports is that you get to start fresh every season, undefeated, whether you are a fan or a player.  This is always the best time of the year, where hope can bloom like a flower in Spring.  There are always weeds, but right now is the best time to take in all the flowers!  Sometimes, we just over analyze things, and it gets in the way of a good time.  We have lots to enjoy RIGHT NOW:

1.  We have one of the very best DTs in the NFL

2.  We have one of the very best DEs in the NFL.

3.  We have THE best RB in the NFL

4.  We have THE best slot Receiver in the NFL.

5.  We have a great CB, who is "pound for pound" THE best (and most reliable) player in the NFL

6.  We have a very good, very experienced, and very motivated QB who is playoff-tested and savvy.

7.  We have an outstanding, very experienced LG who may very well shine again if things fall into place for him.

8.  We have 3 big and talented TEs, 2 of whom excel in catching passes and the other is the best blocking TE in the NFL (which helps when you have the best RB in the NFL).

9.  We have 2 very good LBs and a third that appears to up and coming and very motivated (with a great position coach to get him where he needs to be).

10.  We have one of the very best PKs in the NFL.

11.  We have THE best, and most entertaining, Punter in the NFL.

12.  We have one of the very best Special Teams tacklers in the NFL.

13.  We have a number of players who might bloom if things go well, including Cedric Griffin, Loadholt, Jenkins, Gearhart, Booker, and Jaymar Johnson.


14.  We have a number of good role players, including Brinkley, Onatulu, and Evans.

Sure, we have got some weak spots that will probably be problem areas for us (nickel and dime DBs, safeties, C, OT,  DE) and the injury wild card is always just off-stage, but EVERY TEAM has bare spots.  The bottom line is we have enough superior talent on this team to cover up the bare spots and win it all, IF.....

....the coaches can create and implement a scheme that brings out the best in the players and the players can work together to bring out the best in each other.  (Just look at the reigning NBA Champs to see what I am referring to here: "Dirk, meet Adrian -- Adrian, say hey to Dirk").

This is the 1st year we get to see what Frazier, Pagac and Musgrave can do with this collection of talent, and the truth is the three guys now at the helm have not yet given us much reason to EXPECT bad things -- quite the opposite.  There are a lot of reasons to look forward to the season, so I am hoping y'all jump on the bandwagon now, where the party is.  This party may not last long or it might go for quite awhile -- but there really is NO REASON not to have fun right now.  The Vikes are still undefeated and in first place!  LET"S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!


This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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