Breaking Down Joe Webb, The QB And WR

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(Joe webb breaking Ndamukong Suh's ankles, he'd later be put on IR and diagnosed with the brown shorts - Photo courtesy of

With the 199th overall pick in the 2010 NFL draft, the Minnesota Vikings selected Joe Webb, a quarterback and wide reciever out of UAB. He entered camp to be a WR, but he quickly impressed our staff with his throwing capability and they soon realized that UAB knew what they were doing when they moved him to quarterback. With the 12th overall pick in the 2011 NFL draft, the Minnesota Vikings selected Christian Ponder, quarterback out of The Florida State University. This quickly brought question to wether or not we will or should keep Webb at QB.

Today, I'm going to look at Joe Webb, evaluate him as a QB and WR, and hopefully, explain to you why we moved him to QB in the first place and why he should be kept there. But you'll have to jump for it. 

I'll admit, I, and most likely none of you, didn't realize what we had in Joe Webb when we drafted him. I had never heard his name before and I had no idea how good he was or that he'd ever played QB. As I got to researching, I realized that he was a phenominal college QB. In fact, he had a heisman caliber season, but was overlooked because he didn't attend a big time college like Oklahoma, Florida State, or Alabama. Here's some of his numbers if you don't believe me.

2006-07 UAB 2 51 33 426 0 1 9 141.3
2007-08 UAB 11 117 65 679 1 5 5 116.7
2008-09 UAB 12 353 208 2367 16 10 22 115.5
2009-10 UAB 12 271 162 2299 8 21 21 150.7
TOTAL   37 792 468 5771 25 37 57 129.4

Along with his 60% completion rate, 2299 yards passing and 21 TD's (8 INT's), he had an amazing 1427 yards rushing for 6.3 yards/rush and 11 more TD's to only two fumbles. For a comparison, let's look at a heisman candidate that year, Tim Tebow. He passed for 2895 yards, 21 TD's and five INT's while rushing for 910 yards and 14 TD's (6 fumbles). I'd say their pretty damn even. Webb broke numerous records in 09', becoming the first player in NCAA history to pass for more than 2,000 yards and rush for 1,000 in consecutive seasons(2008-9, 2009-10) and finishing with the third most yards by a QB in a single season in NCAA history with 3726.

Now let's look at his recieving stats:

2007-08 UAB 11 30 459 3
2009-10 UAB 12 2 12 1
TOTAL   37 32 471 4

That's what you call sixth round talent right there. I don't see how people can say he'll become a "stud" WR in the NFL, when it's clear that he was nothing more than a below average WR in college. Webb needs to stay at QB, where he is proven and will be a very solid backup for Christian Ponder next year, or maybe even the starter if he can continue progressing.

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