Sign Up Now For The 2011 Daily Norseman Fantasy Football League!

EDIT: The first league is full! Thanks to everyone that signed up, and look for more information on the other leagues as we move forward.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is indeed that time of year once again. The 2011 Daily Norseman Fantasy Football League, sponsored by Yahoo! Sports, is live and looking for 11 more members of the best Minnesota Vikings' website on the internet to join its ranks.

I apologize for getting this underway at such a late time of the pre-season, but I haven't had a whole lot of time to do it recently. Hopefully this won't discourage folks from joining up. In addition, there's a very good chance that we will end up having more than one league. As our new leagues get added, we will continue to add the information for those leagues to this particular post. Be sure to keep an eye out for that.

The league will be a point-per-reception league, similar to what the official league was last season. I have modified the scoring slightly, however. Here's what it's going to look like:


6 points/TD
-2 points/interception
.1 points/completion
1 point/every 30 passing yards

6 points/TD
1 point/10 rushing yards

6 points/TD
1 point/10 receiving yards

10 points/0 points allowed
7 points/1-6 points allowed
4 points/7-13 points allowed
1 points/14-20 points allowed
0 points/21-27 points allowed
-1 points/28-34 points allowed
-4 points/35+ points allowed
1 point/sack
2 points/interception
2 points/fumble recovery
2 points/safety
6 points/touchdown

1 point/extra point
3 points/field goal between 0-39 yards
4 points/field goal between 40-49 yards
5 points/field goal from 50+ yards

6 points/return TD
1 point/every 30 return yards
.5 points/reception
2 points/2-point conversion

The playoffs will involve four teams (the three division winners and one wild card) and will take place in Weeks 15 and 16 of the 2011 NFL season, since Week 17 generally involves teams sitting a lot of players out, and I would rather not have the league decided under such circumstances.

After the jump lies all of the necessary information you will need to join the league. As I said, don't get discouraged if you don't get in on the first one, as there will likely be more.

Head to Yahoo! Fantasy Football by clicking on this link right here. When you go to the main site, this is the information you will need to get in on the action:

League ID - 714724
Password - skolVikings (note the capital V)

Also, once you get joined up and get your team named and everything, drop a message on the league message board to let everyone know who you are, particularly your handle at DN.

The draft is scheduled for Monday, September 5 at 7:00 PM Central time.

Looking forward to another great season of fantasy football with you folks!

Yahoo! Fantasy Football supports SB Nation and pigskin awesomeness. It’s also the #1 Fantasy Football game thanks to dazzling player research, instant stats with free live scoring, iPhone, Android, and iPad apps this season. Plus, new scoring categories for long receptions and rush plays. (Yes!) Sign up at

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