Need 3 teams for a Non-DN sanctioned Fantasy League

We are 3 teams short of the necessary 14, it's on yahoo, 2 divisions. Not your ordinary league however. While only some minor differances in scoring, the big change is this........

If you beat your oppenant for the week, you can force a trade for one of his non-franchised players of the same position. (i.e. QB for QB, WR for WR and what not). This is the 4th year I've done this with good core of returns. There are a few from the DN that are in there starting last year and we are looking to fill some vacancies. If interested, the link is below with the password.

Football Fight League

ID = 202199

Password = nolockout

If there is any problems, shoot me an email. Official league rules posted after the jump.

  • 2011 League Rules:

    Each team will Franchise 2 players for the entire season. Franchise tags CANNOT be switched during the season to another player UNLESS that player goes on IR/Season ending suspension. You MAY change tags BEFORE the start of the season, after which tags are locked. Franchise tags are to be posted on your "Team Slogan". Also list 2 alternate tags. Tags will automatically transfer once a franchised player is officially placed on IR via NFL. If you DO NOT designate alternates, the tag will go to the next player who had the highest points the previous season REGARDLESS of who was drafted 1st. Franchise tags are due & posted by kickoff of the 1st game of the season. If the deadline is missed, you forfeit any Franchise tags the entire season. 
  • Each weekly winning team will be allowed to force a trade for one player from the team they defeated. Franchised players ARE protected! All other players can be traded for (including Alternates) in exchange for any player who plays the same position (QB for QB, WR for WR, etc.). Trades will be forced by the commissioner. To eliminate a winning team from picking up and sending a 3rd string player, a player must to be on your roster for one week and one game. You may trade a player who is currently on IR for one who is active. You may trade a player that is on his Bye week and vice versa. NO TRADES WILL BE ALLOWED DURING THE SEASON OTHER THEN FORCED TRADES. The forced trades are also in effect for the playoffs.

    You may also elect to DECLINE a trade if you feel there is not player you want from the losing team. Please post "Declined Trade" on the message board.

    Trade request's MUST be in no later then Friday for Sunday games, Thursday for Saturday games, Wednesday for Thursday games (11:59PM Central). Any request past the deadline is VOID. Please be aware of the NFL schedules! If you make an illegal trade request, i.e. WR for TE, you must correct it by the deadline. If the deadline passes and you fail to correct the trade request, you forfeit the trade for the week. You may change your trade request prior to the trade taking affect. Once the trade is forced by the commissioner, you CANNOT ask the trade to be changed.

    If there is no activity from your team for 2 weeks, an email will be sent to you. If no response after the 3rd week, your team will be considered abandoned. You will be locked out of your team and Franchised tags removed. The team will stay intact and will have players kept in starter roles. This will be done for competitive reasons and will not be touched otherwise by the commissioner (no free agent pick-ups, forcing trades, etc.). If the delinquent owner wishes to reactivate their team, they will be unable to Franchise players again.  
  • At the conclusion of the regular season, all non playoff teams will be locked out from dropping their players to prevent playoff teams from getting an advantage over one another.

    Scoring is default Yahoo with the following exceptions: 
    QB Passing TD = 6 
    QB Interceptions = -2 
    Fumbles (not lost) = -1 
    Missed Field Goals 0-19 yards = -3 
    Missed Field Goals 20-29 yards = -2 
    Missed Field Goals 30-39 yards = -1 
    Missed Field Goals 40 and up = 0 
    Kickoff and Punt returns = 6 
    Return yards (kickoff, punt combined) 10 yards = 1 point 

    You will have 1 starting QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 WR/RB/TE (W/R/T), 1 Kicker and 1 Defense/Special Teams with the rest comprising of the bench.


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