Mankato Morning Walk Thru Roundup

MANKATO, MN - AUGUST 4: Donovan McNabb #5 of the Minnesota Vikings is handed his helmet soon after the NFLPA ratified the new CBA during Vikings' training camp at Minnesota State University on August 4, 2011 in Mankato, Minnesota. (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

So the first morning practice is done for today.  there was a little bit of offense and defense, with a lot of attention being paid to special teams.  We've got a couple videos and some pictures, after the jump.

Overall impressions were that this a fairly relaxed bunch.  The walk thru period has a mini camp installation feel to it, it seems, and it was hard to gauge anyone's progress, or who is where on the depth charts; we'll see more of that this afternoon

Special teams got a bulk of the work, and Colin Loeffler was having a lot of fun out there (/brettfavre'd) doing his part to break up the drudgery.  I got two videos, and be warned:  they have a Blair Witch Project feel to them, as it was a hand held device given to us by one of our fine sponsors, Comcast.  The first one is of Christian Ponder, the next one is of Donovan McNabb:



Now, I know after watching those thrilling, break neck pace videos you want to run out and hit a wall, but throttle it back, cowboy.  During the special teams session, Chris Kluwe was doing some excellent phantom punting, and actually threw the ball to mimic the kick.  When you wear number 4, I guess some quarterback ability just comes with the territory.  In the last play of the special teams session, there's no truth to the rumor that Kluwe threw an interception to Tracy Porter (brettfavre'dagainandiwanttohitsomething).

And this just in, the Vikings have officially announced the signing of DT Ryan Whitlock (Texas Tech), and released WR Ryan Lincoln.

I was able to speak to Antoine WInfield after practice about the secondary, and Defensive Coordinator Fred Pagac was at the podium for the post-practice presser.  I'll need to transcribe that stuff, but I'll get a story up about the secondary this afternoon or tonight, after the full practice, which runs from 3-5.  More video coming, as well.

Oh, and newly signed Michael Jenkins is wearing #84, Moss' old number.

Remember, follow us real time for practice info on Twitter:  @purplebuckeye, and we'll be back to recap later tonight.


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