What's the one thing Tom Brady has in common?

This might sound like a stretch but Tom Brady's performance tonight gives pause for a few questions:  What is he doing differently to see the field better?  What qualities about him, and other leading QB's in the NFL, do the Vikings have on the roster?

What comes to mind is some physical stats. Tom is 6ft 4in - 225 lbs.  The only QB close to Tom's stature is Joe Webb, at 220 lbs. 

Peyton is 6ft 5inches, 230 lbs.

Aaron Rodgers is 6ft 2in, 225 lbs, or almost a copy of Brett, the 297 game legend.

Ben Roethislisberger is 6ft 5in, 240 lbs.

Vince Young, 6ft 5in, 233 lbs.

Cam Newton, 6ft 5in.

Matt Ryan, 6ft 4in, 217 lbs

Could those 2 extra inches mean a better ability to see OVER the linebackers and down the field?  Height does play into some natural advantage that cannot be denied.

I never thought I'd say this.  Perhaps it is time to make Webb the starter (already the most familiar with the team, how things are done), and McNabb being the wildcat option.  Ponder is still the #2 backup.  Those extra 2 inches plus Adrian Peterson like speed is something neither McNabb nor Ponder has.

Might be worth doing some fact checking on successful qb's in this league and put the height odds in our favor.   If it is too much for Webb to handle, McNabb can step in and change the game in a veteran direction.  My favorite games to watch last year were the games Webb was in because you never know when a big play was going to happen (run, pass, qb run, te).  It was such a mixed bag that all parts of the game had to be respected.  I was more tolerant of Webb's mistakes because he had to learn.  As for McNabb's veteran status, you expect them not to make these mistakes or be better making something out of nothing.

Webb is no Brady at this stage but has a height advantage comparable to him and other tall QB's in the league ( Cam, Matt, Vince, Ben, and Peyton).  Being 6ft 4 or taller may be the new standard of excellence at this position.  Anything shorter is a disadvantage..  For example, Vick is at 6ft.  That is a major disadvantage for Vick is he has to constantly work around players to see players to pass to. 

What do you think? 

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