Give it a try. I think it might work.

I'm not a football coach.  I don't pretend to be one either, nor do i even pretend to play one on TV.  I'm going to give my best effort though at coming up with a plan to open up this offense.  First, let's lay down some ground work of what we know about our team.


#1 Adrian Peterson is our best player.  Seriously, the guy is good...........seriously.

#2 [Refer to #1]  Other people are aware of this.

#3 Our offensive line tends to struggle.....especially when there's 8 or 9 in the box.

#4 That we know of, we have no legitimate deep-threat.

I'm going to make this suggestion really clear.  Get all those crappy WRs on the field at the same time.  Split out Rudy, Percy, BB, Jenkins and have AP in the back field.  Anyone get where I'm coming from here?  I'M TALKIN' 'BOUT FOW-WIDE!!!


  Our receivers might not be a matchup nightmare, but the defense still has to cover them.  Our of the 4-wide set, our options would increase all over the field.  Quick-screens to Percy with Rudy blocking for him.  Berrian  and Percy running "clear-out" post routes while Peterson follows behind them on a swing pass and watch him float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.  With the defense spread out, there's only 2-3 key blocks needed to get Peterson back to the line of scrimmage and we all know what AP can do when he's got a full head of steam.

I understand that we are supposedly built for power-running because that is the type of back AP seems to be, but our line of scrimmage gets so cluttered when we run with so many offensive players tight in formation it clogs up the lanes and sucks the defense in even further.  Plus, its harder to tell who is blitzing when the box is loaded because the entire defense is literally on top of our offense.

Another reason I propose this change is because spreading out the defense is the best bet we have to keep the chains moving and keep our defense off the field.  It might actually make it more difficult to get the big play(more defenders playing off the ball), but if we have 15 running attempt and AP only gets past the line of scrimmage once then what's the point of that.  This also puts more pressure on a defense to play their coverage correctly(blown coverage = easy 6).


I know we don't have Rogers or Rivers or Rady or Ranning or Rees or any of the other elite QBs in the league.  I don't think we need one.  We have AP.  Teams will continue to look in the backfield and WRs will be able to sneak through the secondary.  A "pick your poison" offense.  But our offense doesn't work when the defense loads the box.  That much we do know.  AP is good, but he's not that good to take on defenders in the backfield on every play.  Our Oline isn't that good to where they can block multiple oncomers every play.  Even if they miss a block, AP can still make a man miss, but not if there's 7 other guys within two yards of him.  Its time to get the odds in our favor.


/on a side note.  I kind of just threw up this post.  Sound off purple faithful and let me know what you think.

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