Predictions - Vikings vs Lions?

Vikings vs. Lions.  One team is already in trouble this season from a standings perspective, the other appears to be hugely up-and-coming.  What result do you expect?  My thoughts, such as they are, after the jump...

As trendy as it might be to pick the Lions, who seem red-hot right now, I suspect we actually pull this one off.  My reasons?

  1. After living through TWO second-half, partial-game flops, the Vikings will likely put together a full-game effort (finally).
  2. I think that Stafford's hot streak might slow with some decent pressure and the return of Kevin Williams to our D-line. Even if he's a bit slow in his return, it'll provide a morale boost that could prove just as mentally beneficial as his physical presence.
  3. I think that Adrian Peterson's smashing style of running will actually wear down the Lion's defense much more than they'll be expecting and a tired defense isn't as effective
  4. Home field advantage still exists despite last week's melt-down.

Those are my reasons.  If you want a less analytical reason, I'd say that for every team, there's always a point where the unexpected happens.  I believe we're at that point right now.  Everything says we should probably lose this one, in theory, based on team momentum and trajectories, but my time playing sports has shown me not to under-estimate a team that's disappointed with aspects of their performance and eager to prove something to themselves.  That team would be your Minnesota Vikings

I still lack enough optimism to see us making the playoffs or even finishing much better than 6-10 but if we achieve that standing or greater, then more power to us.  I see us for what we probably are at this point: a rebuilding team that's trying to get things sorted out.  I've lost some faith in our coaching and front office at this point but I'll try to maintain some hope for them as things play out this season.

SKOL VIKINGS!  (From a long-distance Vikings fan stuck in the Middle East)

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