Week 3 Snap Judgements

Well, they did it again boys and girls. The Minnesota Vikings, once again, found a way to blow a double-digit halftime lead. Instead of doing a full recap like I did the first two weeks, from now on I'm going to do quick points of what I feel took place on Sunday afternoon.

  • Jared Allen is really, really good.
  • Brian Robison > Ray Edwards.
  • Chris Cook had, by far, his best game as a Viking.
  • The first Calvin Johnson TD was NOT Cook's fault. There's nothing any defensive back could have done to stop that. Just a tremendous play by Megatron.
  • If Donovan McNabb plays like this next week, it's time for the Christian Ponder era to commence.
  • Childress and Bevell would have had the common sense to give the ball to the best running back in the world on 3rd & 1 and 4th & 1.
  • Ryan Longwell just doesn't miss field goals.
  • I'd rather have a sick Percy Harvin on the field with 2 minutes left than Bernard Berrian.
  • McNabb likes to throw to Michael Jenkins...a lot.
  • Jenkins doesn't drop many balls.
  • Neither does Kyle Rudolph. This kid is something special.
  • I don't see how we don't just run the ball down Detroit's collective throat with Adrian Peterson when we are up 20 at halftime.
  • I like Leslie Frazier, but I am seriously questioning whether or not he's cut out to be an NFL head coach yet. I mean, three straight double-digit halftime leads blown? Not sure even a Brad Childress led team would do that.
  • Bill Musgrave calls all the right plays in the first half...
  • ...and all the wrong ones in the second half.
  • Joe Webb lined up as a receiver at least once. I'd like to see more of it.
  • Marcus Sherels is a pretty dang good punt returner.
  • Jared Allen did a great job of making sure he jumped into the neutral zone whenever a Detroit offensive lineman would flinch.
  • McNabb is very inaccurate.
  • We never throw deep.
  • When we do, our quarterback overthrows our receiver by 4 yards.
  • Look at the bright side: we very well might get a top 10 pick which means we can draft a receiver like Justin Blackmon!
  • Calvin Johnson might just be the best receiver in the National Football League.
  • Jamarca Sanford had a great first half...Tyrell Johnson started the second half at strong safety.
  • We just lost to the Detroit Lions at home for the first time since 1997.

Next week, the Vikings travel to the AFC West again, as they take on the 0-3 Kansas City Chiefs. If we don't win this game, mail it in for the season. This is quite possibly the easiest opponent we will face this year, after losing Eric Berry, Jamaal Charles, and Tony Moeaki for the season. Until then...Skol Vikes!

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