Which College Players Are Future Vikings? Week One Review and Week 2 Primer

After the first week in college football there were some noteworthy performances.

Nick Foles  34 of 42 for 412 yards and 5 TDs and 0 INTs
Brandon Weeden  24 of 39 for 388 yards and 3 TDs and 3 INTs
Landry Jones 35 of 47 for 375 yards and 1 TDs and 0 INTs
Robert Griffen III 21 of 27 for 359 yards and 5 TDs and 0 INTs

Darrin Moore caught 12 passes for 221 yards and 1 TD
Kendall Wright  caught 12 passes for 189 yards and 2 TDs
Robert Woods caught 17 passes for 177 yards and 3 TDs
Chirs Givens  caught 7 passes for 170 yards and 2 TD
Ryan Broyles caught 14 passes for 158 yards and 1 TD
Michael Floyd caught 12 passes for 154 yards and 2 TDs
Juron Criner caught 16 passes for 151 yards and 1 TD
Justin Blackmon caught 8 passes for 144 yards and 0 TD
Marvin McNutt JR caught 6 passes for 140 yards and 2 TD

I did not list any backs as I do not think the Vikings will be looking at one next year.

What players stood out to some of you?

Also, I have some thoughts on the USC vs Minnesota game and the Boise St vs Geogia game.

I thought that Matt Kalil, Matt Barkley, & Robert Woods looked good for USC.  I also liked TJ McDonald and Nick Perry.  I thought the middle linebacker for Minnesota whom I believe is #51, Gary Tinsley looked good too.

I was most interested in Kalil and McDonald.  Kalil did not disappoint.

I though that Nate Potter and Billy Winn looked really good against Georgia.  Also, Kellen Moore did very well.  I was interested in seeing their safety George Iloka.  He was OK.

For Georgia I was watching Cody Glenn OG/OT 6-5 348. I thought he was a guard but they had him at left tackle.  I think he struggles with speed rushers at left tackle but it says a lot about his abilities that they will try him there.  I was looking for Kwame Geathers DT 6-6 350 but he rotated and was just OK.  I am hesitating now on the really big offensive linemen because they could have weight issues going forward.  Also, Brandon Boykin looked good returning and Orson Charles really impressed.  Charles could be a potential draftee next year.  Obviously the Vikings have Rudolph but Charles is more of a pass catching TE only and maybe even be considered an HB in the NFL.

Looking ahead to games this week I am going to move to the Big 12.

Oklahoma State vs Arizona St.
Justin Blackmon  WR  Oklahoma State  rJr  6-1  215  4.54
Levy Adcock  OT  Oklahoma State  Sr  6-5  322  5.22
Markelle Martin  FS  Oklahoma State  Jr  6-1  198  4.47
Brandon Weeden  QB  Oklahoma State  rSr  6-4  218  4.92

Nick Foles  QB  Arizona  rSr  6-5  240  4.96
Juron Criner  WR  Arizona  Sr  6-4  215  4.62
Robert Golden  CB  Arizona  Sr  5-11 200  4.54

Missouri @ Arizona State
Michael Egnew  TE  Missouri  Sr  6-5  245  4.60
Jacquies Smith  DE  Missouri  Sr  6-3  255  4.62

Vontaze Burfict  ILB  Arizona State  Jr  6-3  252  4.67
Omar Bolden  CB  Arizona State  rSr  5-10  195  4.49

Iowa vs Iowa St
Riley Reiff  OT  3  Iowa  rJr  6-6  300  4.94
Tyler Nielsen  OLB  12  Iowa  rSr  6-3  235  4.54

Shaun Prater  CB  13  Iowa  Sr  5-10  185  4.49
Mike Daniels  DT  13  Iowa  rSr  6-0  280  4.84
Markus Zusevics  OT  14  Iowa  rSr  6-5  300  5.08
Marvin McNutt  WR  22  Iowa  rSr  6-2  215  4.52

Kelechi Osemele  OG  3  Iowa State  rSr  6-5  347  5.40
Leonard Johnson  CB  12  Iowa State  Sr  5-10  202  4.49

Texas vs BYU
Alex Okafor  DE  7  Texas  Jr  6-4  260  4.62
Kheeston Randall  DT  9  Texas  Sr  6-5  305  5.07
Keenan Robinson  OLB  11  Texas  rSr  6-3  240  4.68
Emmanuel Acho  ILB  7  Texas  Sr  6-2  245  4.79

Cody Johnson  FB  3  Texas  rSr  5-11  252  4.72

Matt Reynolds  OT  9  Brigham Young  rSr  6-4  322  5.28

Kansas vs Northern Illinois

Right now I like Kalil and Potter since those are the two guys I watched.  I wonder if they can be left tackles in the NFL?

Please add any performances that you were impressed with and any players that you like for the Vikings after week one?

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