Week 4 Fantasy Football Advice Post

Wow, what a week. One of the craziest weeks of football I can remember. I could talk forever about some of the things that happened but I will save that for another time and keep this post strictly about Fantasy Football.

I made a few predictions last week and the Jamaal Charles pick was right on the money. He ran wild on the Saints and had one of the best fantasy days of any player so far this year. Dez Bryant and Brandon Lloyd performed well also but failed to reach the endzone and ended with only average weeks. This week I'm going to pick one RB and one WR I think will breakout and then talk some of my personal FFL strategy.

Stevan Ridley - The Patriots are pissed off and will do everything they can to avoid going 1-3. Ridley exploded in week 1 but has dropped off considerably the last two against excellent defenses in Arizona and Baltimore. Week 1 is also the only game New England has won so far this year and I do not think that is a coincidence. I believe they go back to him this week and that combined with Brady going off will lead to more touches and at least one score. I predict 110 total yards and a touchdown.

Marques Colston - Obviously, no team needs a win this week more than New Orleans. 0-3 is very close to a playoff death sentence but drop to 0-4 and you can pretty much throw in the towel. Other than Graham, Colston is still the best receiver they have and Brees will be targeting him often against a Green Bay secondary that while they will no doubt be out for blood after the 'Fail Mary', they will still be susceptible to big plays from a still-potent Saints offense. I predict 85 yards and at least one score.

I know its getting kind of long already but I want to talk about some of my personal FFL sit/start strategy. I have mentioned this a couple times in the comments section but wanted to bring it up again quick in case it could help someone.

When I have two players that I basically consider a coin flip to start then I will look at two things when making my decision, match-up and game start time. Match-up is obvious to most people, you start the guy who you think has the best match-up against the opposing team. I'll leave that one alone and go to the next one, game start time.

If I have two guys that I really can't decide between then I will go with they guy who plays the later game out of the two, especially if it's between a thursday and a sunday/monday guy. My reasoning behind it being that if I start the later guy and the earlier guy has a big game, I can still hold out hope that the guy I started over him will have a big game as well. On the other hand, if I start the thursday guy and he sh*ts the bed, then those points aren't coming back and I am cursing myself and anyone around me on Sunday when the other guy inevitably goes off. Just a quick bit of personal strategy that has worked for me many times and helped me sleep at night knowing that I didn't overthink the situation.

There you go folks, have at it and good luck to everyone this week. SKOL!!

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