VCB: Skip Bayless Gets Owned By Chris Kluwe. Unknown If He Will French Kiss A Flamethrower.


Apparently, Skip Bayless doesn’t like kicking. In fact, he dislikes kicking so much that he thinks it should be banned. Well as you may know our punter Chris Kluwe is incredibley vocal and opinionated. He is also not happy that Skip Bayless thinks that kicking should be banned. Now usually I don’t follow Twitter wars, but this one was so awesome that I felt it needed to be posted on this blog. Here is Bayless’s tweet

Honestly, I felt sorry for Suggs/Ray/EReed. Fought guts out, lost b/c a nonplayer missed easy kick. WHY I HATE FG KICKING. Ban it! about 17 hours ago via webReplyRetweetFavorite @RealSkipBayless Skip Bayless

Now that’s a bit extreme don’t you think? Calling them non-athletes when they clearly possess an athletic ability that few others have. I mean without FG kicking the 49ers-Giants game would still be going on most likely. It’s not like it was an easy kick either as Bayless claims. The play clock was winding down, the snap was bad, the hold wasn’t good, and the conditions weren’t exactly ideal. Now does that mean he souldn’t have made it? No. I mean he is a pro kicker and he does this for a living, but it’s not like he missed an extra point or something like that. Well apparently Chris thougt the same way. The following three tweets are all by Kluwe....

@ Hey fuckwit. Let's not forget you haven't done a single athletic thing in your life. Go french kiss a flamethrower. about 17 hours ago via webReplyRetweetFavorite @ChrisWarcraft Chris Kluwe

@ I know what we should ban! Uninformed opinions from shit-spewing e-thugs who tear people down to try to generate ratings! about 17 hours ago via webReplyRetweetFavorite @ChrisWarcraft Chris Kluwe

Hey @. PUNT RETURNING IS STUPID AND SHOULD NEVER BE IN TEH GAME OMG HEADDESKSMASHRAGEQUIT.#howdoesthatsoundyoufuckingtool about 13 hours ago via webReplyRetweetFavorite @ChrisWarcraft Chris Kluwe

Wow. This man is the epitome of awesomeness. He is the god of Twitter. Seriously, I defy you to find anybody who comes up with more creative responses. Not to mention he makes a valid point. That’s why Kluwe definitely wins this war. I mean Skip has never kicked in his life and now he thinks we should ban kicking because other guys fought their guts out and it was decided by a kick? Does that mean we should ban returning because Kyle Williams fumbled the ball? I mean the 49ers fought like hell and they get set up to lose on an equally gut-wrenching play. No we shouldn’t. These things happen and are part of the game. They happen to the best of them. It’s these things that make the NFL so great. Its the heartbreak and the drama (we Vikings fans have experienced plenty of both) that make the NFL what it is. Like Kluwe said, Bayless is just spewing shit here and the suggestion that we should ban kicking is absolutely ludacris. I also feel absolutley terrible for both Williams and Billy Kundiff. I wish nothing but the best for both of these guys and hope they bounce back with a vengeance.

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