OT: Broncos v Steelers game

Could it be that this game was the closest thing as proof of a higher power becoming part of a football game? From a variety of sources, there's no denying the presence of an unusual set of coincidences. Perhaps after all God and angels do play football in some form?! Before you decide if there is any merit to this... read on...

Tebow passes for 316 yards

Average passing yards 31.6 yards (a record)

Ben's only interception was on a 3rd down and16 yards long.

Tebow's game winning pass was to someone born on Christmas day.

Denver's time of possession for the game was exactly 31 minutes and 6 seconds.

The final quarter hour television rating was 31.6 million viewers.

The opening play hit the bottom crossbar and bounced forward and landed exactly on the 20 yard line untouched with football hash marks down.

The final play began at the 20 yard mark with 11 seconds away to record exactly 31 minutes and 6 seconds of playing time.

Pittsburgh's final drive with 33 seconds to go for game winning drive was foiled by a most unusual set of circumstances with a sack, mis-handled ball & recovered fumble putting themselves out of field goal position. Could this be proof of angels on the field disrupting the game.

John 3:16 is Tebow's favorite passage.

The following day, the world becomes reacquainted with John 3:16 as message sent to the world.

It was a most definitely a spiritual game, if such a thing is possible, with a global impact. There may be more interesting revelations to these observations.

Any presence of a higher power will be unrecognizable at first. There will be denial, disbelief, and shock at what you're witnessing.

How else can you explain the precision of perfect strikes in tight coverage and instinctive 6th sense response. If any of 10 Tebow's passes were fraction of a second off -- it may have arrived too short, too late, or result in an incompletion. 10 passes ... each one could be symbolizing each of the 10 commandments. The last one made the game final.

The game was the closest thing to a time-suspending miracle starting from the kickoff to the end.

Afterall - you might not know that in an earlier regular season game, Tebow did struggle... making 3 passes in 16 attempts for half a game. He did turn the game around in the closing minutes to win. This is proof of early precedent of 3:16 at work, but Broncos v Steelers game was most definitely a statement game with millions watching as witnesses.

It would be foolish to try to explain or account for what happened. There's no sense in faulting anyone. If it is meant to be, the events are shaped exactly as it occurred for a resonating message. The combination of unusual events around 3:16 defies laws of chance, science, statistics, physics, and numerology.

The presence of angels were there, whether you believe it or not. If you don't believe in angels - well perhaps this may inspire you ( part_1 part_2 ). It was a statement game by the Lord shaping 316 into legitimate sports history. To many, football is a form of religion with rites, costumes, traditions, and passages involved. For one game of all NFL games played, an actual religious message became bigger than the game in the form of many revelations within it.

Enjoy it for what it is. It defies all rational explanation.

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