Putting the, "The Vikings have only beaten teams with losing records", argument to rest.

First off, Screw the Packers. Their fans are pathetic. They come up with every excuse in the world to make up for their 2-3 record and why the Vikings will "falter" and they will eventually jump us. Packer fans, just cut it out. When the Vikings lose, we don't find reasons to "Why we really won", we find reasons we lost and what the Vikings should do to improve for the next week's game. I absolutely can't stand the fact that ANYONE on the internet is calling the VIkings OVERRATTED so far. Are you talking about the same freaking team most people predicted to finish 2-14 with the Number 1 or 2 draft pick!? Yeah, screw you folks, and if you're reading this and feel offended, then well you should because you're probably one of them.

Now, on to prove these crappy arguments about the Vikings only being 4-1 because the 9er's "overlooked" them, and they only beat sucky teams and lost to the same exact Colts who the Packers lost to, wrong.

My equation is to look at the ESPN power rankings of the week we was facing a certain opponent. Secondly I will look at the schedule that each of our opponents have faced so far. Then I will give you an overview of what your looking at and why the Overrated argument is Garbage.

Vikings preseason Ranking: 31| Week 1 Ranking: 30| Week 2 Ranking: 28| Week 3 Ranking: 29| Week 4 Ranking: 21| Week 5 Ranking: 14| Current Ranking: 8|

Week 1 Opponent: Jaguars| Pre-Season Ranking: 28| Ranking Now: 31| Current Record: 1-4| Result: W

Week 2 Opponent: Colts| Week 1 Ranking: 32| Ranking Now: 22| Current Record: 2-2| Result: L

Week 3 Opponent: 49ers| Week 2 Ranking: 2| Ranking Now: 3| Current Record: 4-1| Result: W

Week 4 Opponent: Lions| Week 3 Ranking: 13| Ranking Now: 20| Current Record: 1-3| Result: W

Week 5 Opponent: Titans| Week 4 Ranking: 24| Ranking Now: 28| Current Record: 1-4| Result: W

( The rankings are based upon the previous week, therefore week 1 rankings are a preview of Week 2 teams)

So, at first glance you can get 2 or 3 things from this.

1. The Vikings have beaten 2 playoff teams last year(Lions & 49ers), and 1 Team that was on the brink of playoff contention(Titans).

2. The Vikings have beaten teams with a combined total record of 9-14.

3. The Vikings have beaten 3 out of 5 teams who where ahead of them in rankings in their current week.

What does that say? The Vikings have beaten 3 teams that, according to the rankings, where Supposed to beat the Vikings.

So UBV, are you saying that the Vikings 4-1 record is anything but a fluke?

Hell yeah, that's exactly what I'm saying. Lets add these things up. The Vikings have beaten 3 playoff contender teams of last year in their 4 wins. AND They have also beaten 3 teams ranked higher then them going into that week . (Ironically, the same 3 playoff contending teams from last year.)

Still not convinced the Vikings are for real? Ok, continue to follow along.

Jaguars Schedule so far: Out of 5 games, they've faced 4 top 15 teams in the current rankings. (Vikings, Bears, Texans, Bengals). How in the hell do anyone expect them to have a better record then they do against those damn teams? I'm not saying the Jaguars do or don't suck, I'm saying you can't justify that they suck based upon their Record so far! So the Vikings beat a team that has had a horrendous tough schedule so far. Sounds pretty convincing to me.

Colts Schedule so far: Out of 4 games, the Colts have faced 3 top 12 teams in the current rankings. They've beaten 2! Losing to the Colts really shouldn't alarm anyone that the Vikings are a fluke or overrated. So Packer fans, you will definitely need a better argument then that now.

49ers -Do we really have to go here? They was ranked 2nd in the NFL entering that game and we Stomped them! The final score wasn't even indicative how one sided that game really was! So, the Vikings beat the 9ers. OVERRATED! *(sarcasm)

Lions- A playoff team last year. In there 4 games so far, 2 of them where against top 10 teams in the current rankings, and 3 of them where against top 20 teams. Think about this. The Vikings where 0-11 in the division under Frazier. The Vikings beat the Lions and a very talented pass-first offense. They did it without allowing A SINGLE FREAKING TOUCHDOWN PASS! Hell, the only touchdown by the Lions of the game was a very questionable goal line QB sneak. Come on people, this just doesn't happen against the Lions. This is by far, far from being overrated or a fluke of a win.

Titans- People look at the Titans record and say they are horrible. Lets look at why you're only looking at the outside picture of this. Out of 5 opponents, they have faced 2 top 5 teams! and 4 top 15 teams in the current rankings.. If you ask me, their record shouldn't be a surprise not one bit! This doesn't mean they suck, they just might be a team on the 2nd tier of the rankings. (16-32).

People, the Vikings are for real. If you look in the meat of things and their schedule, the Vikings have indeed faced pretty good opponents regardless of what the media or Packer fans think. ANY, and I mean ANY of the teams the Vikings have faced so far can change around their season and finish .500 or above.

For anybody who think the Vikings have faced pathetic teams, you're just a pathetic human who can't face the facts, so just cut the crap, because this is the NFL and the difference between being 4-1 and 1-4 (as some of our opposition so far) is VERY slim.

Skol Vikings, prove those fuckers wrong!

Sidenote: Come on Packer fans, just stop your bitching about being 2-4, oops 2-3.

1. Packers players say the Giants didn’t beat them last year, they beat themselves (Had nothing to do with Manning). 2. Then they say the Niners didn’t beat them (Had nothing to do with the best defense in football) 3. They say the refs beat them against the Seahawks (Had nothing to do with the 8 sacks they gave up). 4. Now the refs are out to get them.

Suffice it to say, the Packers are in denial. They’ve got a team culture problem.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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