Premature Infatuation


I am sick and tired of this coaching staff. The amount of close games we've lost this year is ridiculous, and it really shows lack of proper execution and preparation when we're up double digits at halftime in three straight games and lose We chose the wrong head coach, hell, did we even go out looking for anyone else?? Leslie Frazier is a lifeless, emotionless, statue on the sidelines who never pumps up the guys and never complains to the refs when there is a bullshit call. He just absorbs everything like a sponge, much like his defense. I mean what the fuck, this man was a DB coach and we have the worst secondary in the history of the NFL? C'mon man...

Speaking of shitty coaches, what the hell Musgrave. I actually liked your hire, and I thought our offense would flourish under you. I was wrong. Are you really so arrogant that you think you can get away with Webb under center faking a hand-off to Ponder only to run it (duh) for no gain? When your play calling is good, it's sub par to any other OC's, and when it's bad, its some dumb ass trickery for two yards. We're not Clemson, and this is the NFL. What happened to the New England style 2 TE sets I was looking forward to?

So this is what it's come down to huh? Alan freaking Williams of the Indianapolis Colts, the same team who just went 2-14 and gave up like 53 points a game while having almost as bad secondary play as we did, is coming to Minnesota to be our new DC. This is a terrible, terrible hire, and at this point I think Leslie Frazier is just bringing in his buddies and not even trying for anyone with a knack for, you know, being a good coach and all. We just might have the worst front office in the NFL.

What the hell were they thinking? Christian Ponder? We clearly reached for him at #12 when he would have possibly been there early in the second for us to grab. Not to mention that he was injured every year in college and has a slightly lingering shoulder problem. The guy has never been able to play a full season without his shoulder or elbow being processed like hamburger meat sometime mid season, which is probably why he has such a noodle arm now. Ponder is getting worse, and I'm actually looking forward to Joe Webb when Ponder inevitably goes down halfway through the season. We should have just drafted Andy Dalton in the second round.


We might have the coach of the year here, folks. I don't know what Leslie Frazier has done to make these guys play at the level they've been playing at, but if he keeps this up, we may be headed to the playoffs and he could be headed for a fat contract extension. Frazier is clearly a players coach, and they really seem to love and respect him. Not only is he calling great games, but he's doing something we haven't seen in three years or so, adjusting to counter our his opponents successes during the game!! Frazier seems to have transformed from the worlds largest organic sponge to a solid oak who never panics, which is exactly what a young, vibrant team needs. This is hardly rebuilding, this is reloading.

Bill Musgrave is a freaking' genius people. His play calling and decision making has done a complete 180 since the debacle that was 2011. Where there was once predictability and trickery, there is now a balance and crispness to his offense that absolutely is one of the best in football, maybe second to Houston in terms of the "O shit, now where are they going to hit us" factor. While we're not throwing up 30 points'game or anything, we've been able to move the ball as much as we've wanted against everyone (sans the first half of the Jacksonville game) and effectively control the game by eating massive amounts of clock when we have the ball. Not to mention he's figured out that Percy Harvin is on our team. He's finding new and innovative ways to get Harvin the ball every game and considering the receivers around him, that's probably a good thing. PAY BOTH MEN!!

Last year with an absolute dominant front 4 and sack leader Jared Allen, we had one of the worst defenses in the NFL due to horrid secondary play. But this year our D-Line is under-performing and we have one of the best defenses in the league. WHAT!?!!? Allan Williams has transformed our lazy, confused cover 2 that gave up big plays every game to a hard hitting and quick closing defense that gets off the field when it needs to and who last week didn't give up a single point until garbage time. He's bringing out the best in his players too, as we've seen Jamarca Sanford go from getting burned in 2011 to being a solid option behind Mistral Raymond. With the new additions of Josh Robinson and Harrison Smith this defense looks like it's gonna be great for years to come, and I'm confident that we got the right guy to lead it.

Christian Ponder is playing phenomenal football this year. He's among the leagues best in rating, has three times the TD's as INT's and is second only to Robert Griffin in completion percentage. Now that Ponder has a little time in the pocket, he's looking like a quarterback that can lead us fearlessly into the bright future of the Minnesota Vikings. Last week, Musgrave opened up the passing game a little bit and Ponder threw two interceptions (both were good decisions, just misplaced balls that were tough throws). Last year, we would have panicked and ran the ball on every first and second down, but they kept faith in Ponder, who responded by going 12-13 and 2 TD's after the picks. Watching him grow has been a pleasure and I look forward to watching him every Sunday for years to come.

The point of this post is to let you guys see how much we as fans overreact to everything. Last year, Cam Newton and Andy Dalton lit up the football world with tons of offense and lots of flare, but this year they've been figured out and both are struggling (Newton more so) while Ponder is out performing them. The Arizona Cardinals are 4-1 with Kevin Kolb as their QB. And our Minnesota Vikings are one very clutch last second drive from being 5-0. In a game filled with many undetermined factors and anomalies, it's essential not to overreact when things go good or when things go bad. The Vikings are sitting pretty now, but I'm sure we will have tougher games and rougher times this season, and when they come, try to remain calm and rational about them.

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