WR Trade in the works??

Now that I have your attention lets look at the WR's around the league who could be possible targets of our Minnesota Vikings.

Our GM Spielman may be on the horn asking about WR's around the NFL. Asking what it would take to get a WR here in purple, but not break the bank as well. Percy needs paid at the end of the year. Problems in the offensive line need addressed (although much upgraded from last year).

Spielmans job relies on Ponder and his development. With the 12th pick, Spielman picked Ponder to be our FHOF QB but without WR's to stretch the field, Ponder's development slows. Sure, he has Percy to drop a 5 yard pass to and allow Percy to do what Percy does. Give the ball to AP and allow AP to truck over defenders (here looking at you Mr. Gay from Pittsburg). Kyle Rudolph in the end zone has been killer, however, our WR's need to be able to catch the fade in the end zone over a Cromartie/Bailey/Woodson type CB's.

Below let's talk about a few WR's off top of my head that could be traded for OR picked up from FA:

Plax Burris-FA Endzone threat

TO-FA (bad pick up in my eyes)

Chad Johnson/Ochostinko (loud mouth w/out a filter, but could be picked up for cheap)


Mike Sims-Walker-FA

I realize there are many more but just tho top my mind.....add to list in comments

Trade-able WR's for draft picks:

Bowe - 3rd round if not more

Wallace 2nd round +

Welker 3rd round +

Maclin 3rd round +

Jennings (FA at end of year)

Britt/Washington 4th rounder +

Dez Bryant 3rd rounder + a baby sitter

Steve Smith (getting older) 3rd if not 4th rounder

Henderson 4th rounder +

These are a few stab in the dark WR's not in any order I would trade for to solidify our WR corp. I realize there are a few that seem like a long shot, however, these players could allow Percy and Rudolph to thrive in the NFL.

Below let's talk what you would give up for players to bring them in purple. Add your comments to the WR's above or add your ideas for tradable WR's

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