Looking at my crystal balls...

Because why gaze into one when you can confirm your prediction with a second?

Wait... what were YOU thinking?

Well, after 1/4 of the season, the Vikes have defined who they are. Or not. Remember, this team is young, and this was the "easy" portion of the schedule. Let's look ahead, because, while predictions are worthless (especially from national "experts"), it sparks a discussion.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Get on with it (inc. God)! (via jeevesbond)


10/7 vs Tennessee - If this is an epic fail, my tears will wash away this post. But it won't be. Vikes 4-1.

10/14 @ Washington - If the Vikes win this game in DC, the national media won't stop "begrudgingly" talking about them anymore. But, the Vikes give allow themselves to stay "media free." Vikes 4-2

10/21 vs Arizona - Wait, what? Another upset at home? Nah. Arizona is that good, and the Vikes will have one home loss. Vikes 4-3.

10/28 vs Tampa Bay - Winfield pissed again. Allen sick of not being discussed. Vikes 5-3.

11/4 @ Seattle - Is this D so good that the Vikes can't get it done? Unfortunately, yes. If either team scores 17+ points, I'm going to be shocked. Vikes 5-4.

11/11 vs Detroit - Ruh-roh, Raggy. Stafford remembers 5 sacks. Vikes WOULD have been overconfident, but that Seattle thing ignites grunge rage. Vikes 6-4.

11/18 vs no one - NFL takes a break from awesomeness. A deep breath before the plunge. Vikes still 6-4.

11/25 @ Chicago - Wanna take the division? Both teams 6-4. Winner gets the driver seat. Unfortunately, Chi-towns D will own Ponder, as the LBs swallow up short passes and limit Peterson to 75 yds. Vikes 6-5.

12/2 @ Green Bay - Well, this is interesting. 6-5 Packers vs 6-5 Vikes. Someone is gonna be in 3rd, looking at the playoffs from the outside. Rodgers ain't gonna let the Vikes take command in Lambeau. Vikings 6-6.

(Well, it's at this point that I state, "They are who we thought they are!" But wait. Are you paying attention? Bears 8-4. Packers 7-5. Vikes 6-6. Lions 3-9 [but who's counting?] Ain't over yet, DNers!)

12/9 vs Chicago - This would be more interesting if the Vikes win this one. Fortunately, "interesting" is the Vikings specialty! Vikes 7-6. (Friggin' Lions put Pack in tie for 1st.)

12/16 @ St. Louis - Wanna win the division? Win conference games. Doesn't make sense to me, either. Vikings 8-6.

12/23 @ Houston - Houston rests 1/2 their starters. Doesn't matter. Vikes 8-7. (Bears 9-6, Pack 9-6)

12/30 vs Green Bay - Well, crap, folks. It wasn't supposed to be this way. Vikes need Lions to win at home vs Bears, but that ain't happening. Bears go 10-6. Green Bay 4-1 vs division before this game. Vikes 3-2 vs division before this game. Green Bay wins, they win the division. Green Bay loses, they are out (see below). So the refs are against them. The media is against them. The world is against them. Gerald is pissed. AD suffers major cut on cheap shot, revealing metal cheeks and red eye. Vikes 9-7.

Skins win. Remember 10/14? I do. Vikes just short. But that's OK. Rogers has more time for State Farm commercials with a 3rd place finish in the division. (Vikes have 7 conference wins. By my count, the Pack have 6. And yes, Packer fans, that WAS a catch.)


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