Christian Ponder - Improving NFL Quarterback

So, this is what vindication feels like. Ponder played well today, and to be honest, I was surprised. I'm not going to lie, with Harvin out of the lineup, and the woes we've seen the past few weeks, my expectations were at the bottom of the barrell. But damn if Ponder didn't come out and quiet the critics, amiright?

Here are some kneejerk reactions:

-Ponder was once again an accurate passer, hitting 75% of his passes today.

-Ponder spread the ball around, hitting not 9, but TEN different receivers...including himself! What more does a guy have to do?

-He hit players at the line of scrimmage (as usual), at the 1st down marker, past the first down marker, as well as 50 yards downfield. His targets were all over the field.

-He didn't turn the ball over.

-Ponder's performance today was a 180-degree turn from his performance against the same Lions team in week 4.

All-in all, this shows progress. I'm going to keep saying this for the rest of the season, because it bears repeating: Ponder is a young QB who is more or less learning on the job. He's going to have ups and downs. He's going to win us games, and he's going to lose us games (and he's done both already this year). But we need to stick by him this year and give him our support. Save the overly critical stuff for next year when expectations are going to be higher. If we can squeeze our way into the playoffs this season, that will be incredible. But if we miss it by a game or two, at this point, I almost don't even care. I've seen enough out of Ponder to say that he's made improvements over last year. He started 10 games last year, and has now started 10 games this year. I know the season isn't over yet, but take a look at both numbers and tell me he's not improving in year 2?

Christian Ponder - After 10 Starts






























Look, I'd love to make the playoffs this year, and don't misunderstand me, if Ponder plays well, and the defense continues to play well, we have as good a chance as anyone. But, I won't fault Ponder or call for his head if he has some more bad games and we don't make the playoffs as a result. I've seen improvement from last year to this year, and that is good enough for me. I haven't forgotten my expectations at the beginning of the year that this team would end up 5-11 or 6-10. I'm giddy that we've already beaten or tied that mark with 6 more games to go. But don't misunderstand me either, I am going to want to continue to see improvement, and his 2013 needs to be even better than this year. If he truly is the QBOTF, then he's going to need to play better than he has so far this year. He's show plenty of flashes, so I'm rooting for him to continue to develop and make strides. I want him to come out of the BYE on fire for what is sure to be a brutal final 6 games. SKOL Vikings!

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