Oh No, not this guy UBV. Good game Ponder, but

First off, I want to say Ponder had his best game this season IMO. I'm not going to take away from his performance not one bit, although some people have brought up good points about the Lions having a plethora of injures in the secondary, which means we should take this performance with a grain of salt. So, even with a win, what is there to complain about, UBV, you might ask? My complaint and concern once again comes back to Ponder's ceiling.

I beg to ask you all, would you just settle for Ponder becoming an "ok" QB and declare him the QB to carry this team the next decade or so? Frankly, that's what I still think his ceiling is. An "Ok" QB. And you want to know who agrees with me? Scouts.

This is the summary giving by Ponder's scouting report, and it's quite accurate.

Summary: An athletic, dink-and-dunk, West Coast passer who has been snake-bitten by injuries, Ponder has everything teams could want intangibly in a quarterback - intelligence, toughness, competitiveness and leadership qualities. However, his physical limitations will always leave teams wanting more and invite injury. Has the poise and confidence desired in a backup with potential to eventually become a good, not great, starter.

First off, holy cow I thought we here at DN was the originators of the Dink-and-dunk talk. However, it appears Ponder has always been a dink-and-dunk QB, and more then likely will continue being further down the line. I firmly believe if a QB is taken in the top 15, he must be better then "Good" or "Ok". This is not a post clamoring for Webb, but Jarius Wright was a prime example as to how the best player can be on the bench. Some people say Webb is behind Ponder because Ponder's better, yet Jarius Wright was behind the likes of DA and Burton although he's better and with more potential. That talk should cease now. This is just a post to get some of you to think about what do you expect or see Ponder becoming? If it's a "game manager " type, will you be satisfied with that from the 12th overall pick in the draft? If you don't see him becoming more then he is now, what other routes do you suggest the team take?

My plan. (Just what I would do If I was Coach heading into next season)

1. Draft the BPA regardless of position outside of RB. If we build up a team first with the best players, somewhere down the road we can already have a team built enough to snag a Top QB in a draft, if our current QBs don't work out.

2. Make Ponder fairly earn or lose the job. I can't stress this enough. Ponder is starting because this team drafted him in the first round and if you deny that, I don't know what to say. It's clear to me that that's the case. If you still think Ponder won the job and was not handed it, please post a link to one credible article that states "Ponder won" and not "Ponder was named the starter"(then goes on to mention his draft position). Two totally different things. If he wins it fair in square, I promise you wouldn't hear so many fans who think Webb is better, because we truly haven't been shown otherwise.

3. Throw money at Greg Jennings or Mike Wallace. The Vikings can afford it in this stage. Even if they pay Percy big money.

4. Sure up the D-Line. K Will isn't getting any older, our run defense up the middle is weak and we barely know the names of Phat Pat's replacements. Not a good thing.

5. Release Carlson and don't resign Jerome. Yup, I'd rather take the cap hit and go with the TEs we have now for way cheaper that's producing the same numbers, then to keep Carlson. Jerome Simpson just isn't who we thought he would be. Greg Child's has had as much as an impact as him. Ok, maybe I'm exaggeration, but you get my point.

6. Hire Mark to become GM, and Arif as OC. Replace Mike Singletary with Don Glover. Hire Chris to control the website and as for Ted, Eric, Kj, and Skol Girl, hire them to control the StarTribune. (Unlimited media access for you all, YAY!)


If anyone is interested in becoming apart of a new website I'm building, email me at or for more information. (Don't want to spoil my master plan) P.S. This Website is not a blog, but something much bigger in store. It won't require much of your time either. If you have any interest, shoot me an email asap. Thank you (:

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