Breaking Down Rick Spielman's Comment On Webb.

I found an interesting article I would like to elaborate on, since we have nothing else to do on this bye week.


Basically that article has Rick Speilman's responses to certain questions concerning the team up to this point in the season. It's pretty good, go read it. It even has comments on Blair Walsh. Of course I would like to touch upon the comment on Joe Webb though. It is as follows.

On what the desired role for back-up quarterback Joe Webb is ...

"The coaches really focused and honed in on Joe Webb being a quarterback. I know they spent a lot of time this offseason developing Joe as a quarterback. And I know in this league, and you saw last week, you have to have a couple quarterbacks. Because if your guy, knock on wood, does go down, you have to have a replacement. We saw with the guys leaving out with concussions this week. So Joe has enough ability to be a quarterback in this league, whether it's in a back-up role or whether he had to come in and start. So we felt very strong about the depth of our quarterbacks here."


I highlighted what I considered was an important issue. Usually when a Ponder/Webb article is posted, comments usually have something along the lines as "The coaches see them both way more then we do."

Well, I'm pretty sure the GM see's the players just as much and his take was that he felt Joe Webb could start if he had to. This should tell you: a) Joe Webb has progressed as a QB, in practice at least, b) Regardless that the Vikings went with the "youth" movement, Joe Webb showed the people who see him everyday that he had the skills to be a Quarterback moreso then MBT and Sage. (Maybe that's not saying much, but consider that there were talks of Joe Webb being the odd man out this offseason.) c) Joe Webb has the ability to be, *drom roll please*, a QUARTERBACK in this league. Not a WR. Not a BlazerPackage guy. Not primarily a run/option guy. But as a normal, pro-style Quarterback. To answer the questions of "Why wasn't Joe Webb put in when Ponder had his slump, if Webb's so good", the answer to that is, the coaches plan on giving Christian Ponder, not only the benefit of the doubt, but every chance he can get to lead this team. This has nothing to do with Webb's ability as much as it is just the coaches giving Ponder all the experience, (good and bad), that they feel he must have.

Now my "Joe Webb should get a fair shot at starting" doesn't sound so bizarre does it? Of course the problem I have with Speilman's comments is just that. If he think Joe could start, an open competition should've taken place because competition is the second best thing for your team, only behind experience. If you feel like I'm griping, I'm really not trying to though. I know it's the past, but that just kind of urk'd me that he would say this, while they just handed Ponder the job this off-season. Anywho, Ponder's expected to be evaluated under the 3-year rule according to Speilman, so barring an injury, we will be seeing number 7 starting for us for at least another year, barring injury. After that though, it's anybody's game. (: *Insert Webb here.

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