Which College Players Are Future Vikings Week 12 Review and Week 13 Primer

Stephen Dunn

The first twelve weeks of college football are in the books. What a week! Upsets galore. Kansas State hopes were crushed by getting spanked by Baylor. That was a very bad loss. Oregon losing to Stanford was not too bad and went to overtime. Too bad their kicker could not convert those two field goals. Some other schools played their usual cupcakes (think SEC) and moved up in the rankings as a result. Alabama may very well be the best team in the country but playing Western Carolina is absolutely embarrassing. I do not know how a team can be National Champions and has to play an FCS school. Game of the week for me was Oklahoma vs West Virginia.

The Player of the Week is another tough call this week.

Landry Jones was 38 of 51 for 554 yards with 6 TDs and 1 INT
Mike Glennon was 29 of 53 for 493 yards with 5 TDs and 1 INT
Tajh Boyd was 30 of 44 for 426 yards with 5 TDs and 2 INTs
Montel Harris rushed for 351 yards on 36 carries with 7 TDs
Tavon Austin rushed for 344 yards on 21 carries with 2 TDs he also caught 4 passes for 82 yards

But the winner goes to ...

Landry Jones and Tavon Austin.

I am listing some performances of some of the top players below. I might not have them all here so feel free to add a player who you think did really well and may have vaulted themselves up the draft boards.

Player Pos School Class Ht Wt|G|Att|Comp|Pct|Yards|YPA|TD|Int|Rating
Matt Barkley QB USC Sr 6-2 230|11|387|246|63.6|3273|8.5|36|15|157.56
*Tajh Boyd|Clemson|JR|QB|11|353|240|68.0|3367|9.5|33|11|172.73
*Tyler Bray QB Tennessee Jr 6-5 215|11|417|248|59.5|3319|8.0|30|12|144.31
Colby Cameron QB La Tech SR 6-1 205|11|463|321|69.3|3679|7.9|28|2|155.18
Seth Doege QB Texas Tech rSr 6-1 200|11|456|319|70.0|3575|7.8|35|11|156.33
Zac Dysert QB Miami (Ohio) rSr 6-3 228|11|440|276|62.7|3265|7.4|23|12|136.86
Nick Florence QB Baylor rSr 6-0 205|10|375|231|61.6|3429|9.1|27|13|155.24
Mike Glennon QB NC State rSr 6-5 232|11|470|268|57.0|3403|7.2|27|14|130.84
Kawaun Jakes QB Western Ky Sr 6-3 195|11|259|172|66.4|2116|8.2|20|10|152.80
Landry Jones QB Oklahoma rSr 6-4 220|10|396|264|66.7|3250|8.2|24|8|151.57
Collin Klein QB Kansas St rSr 6-5 226|11|258|172|66.7|2311|9.0|14|6|155.17
EJ Manuel QB Florida St rSr 6-4 240|11|295|203|68.8|2785|9.4|21|6|167.53
*Taylor Martinez QB Nebraska rJr 6-1 200 11|294|187|63.6|2420|8.2|21|8|150.88
AJ McCarron QB Alabama Jr 6-3 210|11|244|163|66.8|2291|9.4|21|2|172.43
Matthew McGloin QB Penn St Sr 6-1 210|11|409|251|61.4|3071|7.5|23|5|140.57
*Aaron Murray QB Georgia rJr 6-1 212|11|303|199|65.7|2986|9.9|28|7|174.34
Ryan Nassib QB Syracuse rSr 6-2 228|11|420|267|63.6|3404|8.1|23|9|145.43
Sean Renfree QB Duke Sr 6-4 225|10|334|224|67.1|2323|7.0|14|8|134.53
Matt Scott QB Arizona rSr 6-3 198|10|413|254|61.5|3008|7.3|21|9|135.10
Geno Smith QB West Virginia Sr 6-3 220|10|434|304|70.0|3358|7.7|35|5|159.35
Tino Sunseri QB Pittsburgh SR 6-2 215|10|297|200|67.3|2665|9.0|16|2|159.14
*Logan Thomas QB Virginia Tech Jr 6-6 260 11|352|187|53.1|2654|7.5|16|14|123.52
Tyler Wilson QB Arkansas rSr 6-2 218|10|349|218|62.5|3028|8.7|20|12|147.37
Wide Receivers
Player Pos School Class Ht Wt|G|Rec.|Yards|Avg.|TD|Rec./G|Yards/G
*Keenan Allen WR California Jr 6-3 205|9|61|737|12.08|6|6.8|81.9
Tavon Austin WR West Virginia Sr 5-09 176|10|99|1057|10.68|11|9.9|105.7
*Steadman Bailey WR West Virginia Jr 5-10 195|10|88|1260|14.32|20|8.8|126.0
*Josh Boyce WR TCU rJr 5-11 203|10|56|756|13.50|7|5.6|75.6
Dan Buckner WR Arizona rSr 6-3 215|11|58|730|12.59|5|5.3|66.4
Keenan Davis WR Iowa Sr 6-2 215|11|46|560|12.17|1|4.2|50.9
Marcus Davis WR Virginia Tech rSr 6-4 232|11|43|858|19.95|5|3.9|78.0
Aaron Dobson WR Marshall Sr 6-2 204|9|53|618|11.66|2|5.9|68.7
Corey Fuller WR Virginia Tech rSr 6-2 196|11|38|743|19.55|5|3.5|67.5
Tyrone Goard WR Eastern Kentucky rSr 6-3 196|10|41|900|21.95|8|4.1|90.0
Cobi Hamilton WR Arkansas Sr 6-2 209|11|80|1237|15.46|5|7.3|112.5
*Cody Hoffman WR Brigham Young Jr 6-3 215|11|78|952|12.21|6|7.1|86.5
*DeAndre Hopkins WR Clemson JR 6-1 200|11|68|1171|17.22|15|6.2|106.5
*Justin Hunter WR Tennessee Jr 6-4 205|11|70|1018|14.54|8|6.4|92.5
Tavarres King WR Georgia rSr 6-1 192|11|33|685|20.76|8|3.0|62.3
*Jordan Matthews WR Vanderbilt Jr 6-3 205|11|77|1118|14.52|6|7.0|101.6
Aaron Mellette WR Elon rSr 6-3 214|11|97|1408|14.52|18|8.67|124.44
Darrin Moore WR Texas Tech SR 6-4 215|10|68|762|11.21|11|6.8|76.2
*Cordarrelle Patterson WR Tennessee Jr 6-3 205|11|42|690|16.43|4|3.8|62.7
Quinton Patton WR Louisiana Tech rSr 6-2 195|11|94|1267|13.48|11|8.5|115.2
*Da'Rick Rogers WR Tennessee Tech Jr 6-3 206|10|61|893|14.64|10|6.10|89.3
Robbie Rouse RB Fresno St Sr 5-07 190|11|54|375|6.94|2|4.9|34.1
Marcus Sales WR Syracuse rSr 6-0 195|11|60|817|13.62|7|5.5|74.3
Rodney Smith WR Florida St Sr 6-5 219|11|32|464|14.50|3|2.9|42.2
*Kenny Stills WR Oklahoma Jr 6-0 190|10|64|778|12.16|10|6.4|77.8
*Devin Street WR Pittsburgh rJr 6-3 192|10|59|806|13.66|4|5.9|80.6
Ryan Swope WR Texas A&M rSr 6-0 206|11|57|758|13.30|6|5.2|68.9
Conner Vernon WR Duke Sr 6-1 200|11|64|846|13.22|5|5.8|76.9
Markus Wheaton WR Oregon St Sr 6-0 182|10|69|986|14.29|10|6.9|98.6
Terrance Williams WR Baylor rSr 6-1 205||10|82|1518|18.51|11|8.2|151.8
*Marquess Wilson WR Washington St Jr 6-2 188|9|52|813|15.63|5|5.8|90.3
*Robert Woods WR USC Jr 6-1 184|11|66|721|10.92|10|6.0|65.5
Running Backs
Player Pos School Class Ht Wt|G|Att|Yards|Avg.|TD|Att/G|Yards/G
Montee Ball RB Wisconsin Sr 5-09 212|11|284|1417|4.99|17|25.82|128.82
Kenjon Barner RB Oregon rSr 5-11 192|11|220|1426|6.48|19|20.00|129.64
*Le'Veon Bell RB Michigan St Jr 6-2 237|11|315|1382|4.39|10|28.64|125.64
*Giovani Bernard RB North Carolina rSo 5-10 205 9|157|1065|6.78|11|17.44|118.33
Rex Burkhead RB Nebraska Sr 5-11 210|5|47|405|8.62|3|9.40|81.00
Kasey Carrier|New Mexico|JR|RB|11|239|1410|5.90|14|21.73|128.18
Benny Cunningham RB MTSU SR 5-10 212|5|97|600|6.19|11|19.40|120.00
*Knile Davis RB Arkansas rJr 6-0 226|9|105|346|3.30|2|11.67|38.44
Andre Ellington RB Clemson rSr 5-10 190|11|186|959|5.16|8|16.91|87.18
Johnathan Franklin RB UCLA rSr 5-10 195|11|228|1441|6.32|10|20.73|131.00
Mike Gillislee RB Florida Sr 5-11 210|11|211|964|4.57|8|19.18|87.64
Ray Graham RB Pitt Sr 5|9 192|10|173|835|4.83|8|17.30|83.50
D.J. Harper RB Boise St rSr 5-09 205|11|188|935|4.97|14|17.09|85.00
Montel Harris RB Temple rSr 5-09 208|9|165|948|5.75|12|18.33|105.33
*Stephon Jefferson RB Nevada Jr|11|313|1564|5.00|20|28.45|142.18
Collin Klein QB Kansas St rSr 6-5 226|11|171|792|4.63|20|15.55|72.00
*Eddie Lacy RB Alabama rJr 5-10 220|11|146|870|5.96|12|13.27|79.09
*Marcus Lattimore RB South Carolina Jr 6-0 232|9|143|662|4.63|11|15.89|73.56
*Taylor Martinez QB Nebraska rJr 6-1 200|11|140|792|5.66|8|12.73|72.00
*Silas Redd RB USC Jr 5-10 200|10|138|740|5.36|9|13.80|74.00
*Joseph Randle RB Oklahoma St Jr 6-0 200|10|213|1099|5.16|10|21.30|109.90
Robbie Rouse RB Fresno St Sr 5-07 190|11|244|1362|5.58|12|22.18|123.82
Shawn Southward RB Troy SR 5-9 192|11|178|896|5.03|10|16.18|81.45
Stepfan Taylor RB Stanford Sr 5-11 210|11|258|1222|4.74|9|23.45|111.09
Chris Thompson RB Florida St Sr 5-08 187|9|91|687|7.55|5|10.11|76.33
Tight Ends
Player Pos School Class Ht Wt|G|Rec.|Yards|Avg.|TD|Rec./G|Yards/G
Ben Cotton TE Nebraska Sr 6-6 255|11|12|122|10.17|2|1.1|11.1
Jack Doyle TE Western Kentucky Sr 6-5 248|11|44|497|11.30|3|4.0|45.2
*Tyler Eifert TE Notre Dame rJr 6-5 249|11|40|555|13.88|4|3.6|50.5
Zach Ertz TE Stanford Sr 6-6 252|11|58|747|12.88|6|5.3|67.9
Joseph Fauria TE UCLA rSr 6-7 252|11|35|478|13.66|10|3.2|43.5
*C.J. Fiedorowicz TE Iowa Jr 6-6 265|11|39|377|9.67|1|3.5|34.3
Chris Gragg TE Arkansas Sr 6-3 236|5|22|289|13.14|3|4.4|57.8
Marcus Green|Miss St|SR|TE|11|18|200|11.11|6|1.6|18.2
D.C. Jefferson TE Rutgers rSr 6-5 250|10|18|155|8.61|1|1.8|15.5
Philip Lutzenkirchen TE Auburn Sr 6-4 250|6|15|139|9.27|0|2.5|23.2
*Jordan Reed TE Florida rJr 6-3 243|11|40|498|12.45|3|3.6|45.3
Kyler Reed TE Nebraska Sr 6-3 230|11|21|325|15.48|2|1.9|29.5
*Deon Sims TE Michigan St rJr 6-5 285|10|32|447|13.97|2|3.2|44.7
Jake Stoneburner TE Ohio St rSr 6-5 245|11|15|260|17.33|4|1.4|23.6
Michael Williams TE Alabama rSr 6-5 272|11|18|156|8.67|3|1.6|14.2
Player Pos School Class Ht Wt|G|Solo|Assisted|Total|Total/G|TFL|Sacks|PBU|FF|INT
Kiko Alonso ILB Oregon rSr 6-3 242|10|51|17|68|6.80|11.0|1.0|2|2|3
Jonathan Bostic ILB Florida Sr 6-1 246|11|36|21|57|5.18|6.5|3.0|2|1|2
Will Compton ILB Nebraska rSr 6-2 230|11|28|65|93|8.45|5.5|3.0|7|0|0
Nico Johnson ILB Alabama Sr 6-2 245|11|20|30|50|4.55|2.0|0|1|1|0
A.J. Klein ILB Iowa St Sr 6-1 244|11|47|37|84|7.64|2.5|1.0|1|0|1
Michael Mauti ILB Penn St rSr 6-2 242|11|49|47|96|8.73|4.0|2.5|2|2|3
*Kevin Minter ILB LSU rJr 6-1 245|11|47|54|101|9.18|13.5|3.0|5|1|1
Dan Molls ILB Toledo Sr 6-1 230|12|86|80|166|13.83| 6.0|2.5|4|0|3
Kevin Reddick ILB North Carolina Sr 6-2 240|11|44|34|78|7.09|15.5|5.5|5|1|0
Shayne Skov ILB Stanford Sr 6-3 242|10|28|30|58|5.80|6.0|2.5|1|0|0
Bruce Taylor ILB Virginia Tech rSr 6-2 244|10|37|26|63|6.30|8.0|4.5|2|1|0
Manti Te'o ILB Notre Dame Sr 6-2 255|11|49|49|98|8.91|5.5|1.5|4|0|6

Player Pos School Class Ht Wt|G|Solo|Assisted|Total|Total/G|TFL|Sacks|PBU|FF|INT
*Jeremiah Attaochu OLB Georgia Tech Jr 6-2 240|10|35|18|53|5.30|9.0|7.0|1|1|0
Arthur Brown OLB Kansas St rSr 6-1 228|11|51|29|80|7.27|6.0|1.0|3|0|2
Jonathan Brown OLB Illinois Sr 6-1 235|9|28|31|59|6.56|9.5|3.5|1|1|0
Jamie Collins OLB Southern Mississippi Sr 6-3 240 11|62|26|88|8.00|20.0|10.0|5|4|0
Zavier Gooden OLB Missouri rSr 6-2 230|9|34|25|59|6.56|4.0|0|1|0|1
Khaseem Greene OLB Rutgers rSr 6-1 220|10|59|48|107|10.70|9.0|5.5|5|6|2
Demetrius Hartsfield OLB Maryland rSr 6-2 240|9|45|33|78|8.67|7.0|3.5|2|0|1
Alonzo Highsmith OLB Arkansas Sr 6-0 234|6|25|29|54|9.00|4.0|2.0|1|0|0
Gerald Hodges OLB Penn St Sr 6-2 238|11|42|60|102|9.27|8.5|1.0|7|1|2
DeVonte Holloman OLB South Carolina Sr 6-2 241|11|31|18|49|4.45|7.0|2.0|4|1|2
*Jelani Jenkins OLB Florida rJr 6-0 237|9|17|10|27|3.00|4.0|2.0|0|0|0
*Jarvis Jones OLB Georgia rJr 6-2 242|9|39|23|62|6.89|18.0|10.5|2|6|1
Jake Knott OLB Iowa St Sr 6-2 240|8|55|24|79|9.88|6.0|0.5|5|2|2
Cameron Lawrence OLB Mississippi St Sr 6-2 230 11|40|58|98|8.91|7.0|4.0|4|2|0
Travis Long OLB Washington St Sr 6-4 245|11|42|19|61|5.55|12.0|8.5|3|1|1
*Barkevious Mingo OLB LSU rJr 6-4 240|11|18|14|32|2.91|5.5|4.0|3|0|0
Sio Moore OLB Connecticut rSr 6-1 230|10|40|24|64|6.40|13.0|6.5|9|0|0
*C.J. Mosley OLB Alabama Jr 6-2 232|11|55|34|89|8.09|6.0|4.0|2|1|2
Sean Porter OLB Texas A&M Sr 6-2 230|11|33|22|55|5.00|5.5|2.5|4|1|1
Etienne Sabino OLB Ohio St rSr 6-3 238|7|24|19|43|6.14|3.0|2.0|3|1|1
Mike Taylor OLB Wisconsin rSr 6-2 230|11|53|51|104|9.45|12.0|1.0|3|0|0
Chase Thomas OLB Stanford rSr 6-4 248|11|34|23|57|5.18|11.0|3.0|3|1|1
Cornelius Washington OLB Georgia rSr 6-4 268|11|8|12|20|1.82|3.0|0.5|1|0|0
Trevardo Williams OLB Connecticut Sr 6-1 234|10|16|19|35|3.50|10.0|8.5|0|1|0
Defensive Tackles
Player Pos School Class Ht Wt|G|Solo|Assisted|Total|Total/G|TFL|Sacks|PBU|FF|INT
Josh Boyd DT Mississippi St Sr 6-3 300|11|5|23|28|2.55|2.0|1.0|0|0|0
William Campbell DT Michigan Sr 6-5 308|11|16|18|34|3.09|1.0|1.0|0|0|0
Everett Dawkins DT Florida St rSr 6-2 304|11|11|11|22|2.00|1.5|0.5|1|0|0
Josh Downs DT LSU Sr 6-1 288|11|1|11|12|1.09|2.5|1.5|0|0|0
*Dominique Easley DT Florida Jr 6-2 280|10|11|9|20|2.00|5.0|4.0|1|0|0
*Sharrif Floyd DT Florida Jr 6-3 298|11|25|15|40|3.64|10.0|0|0|1|0
Cory Grissom DT South Florida rSr 6-2 316|10|21|11|32|3.20|6.0|2.5|2|0|0
*Johnathon Hankins DT Ohio St Jr 6-3 335|11|23|29|52|4.73|4.0|1.0|0|0|0
Jordan Hill DT Penn St Sr 6-1 294|11|21|31|52|4.73|5.5|2.5|0|1|1
John Jenkins DT Georgia Sr 6-3 351|11|15|18|33|3.00|1.0|0|1|0|0
Abry Jones DT Georgia Sr 6-3 308|7|6|11|17|2.43|1.0|0|0|0|0
Star Lotulelei DT Utah Sr 6-3 325|11|21|15|36|3.27|9.0|4.0|3|3|0
*Bennie Logan DT LSU rJr 6-3 288|11|11|22|33|3.00|5.0|2.0|3|1|0
Anthony McCloud DT Florida St rSr 6-2 322|10|14|6|20|2.00|1.0|1.0|0|0|0
*Sheldon Richardson DT Missouri rJr 6-3 295|10|37|33|70|7.00|9.5|4.0|2|3|0
Brent Russell DT Georgia Southern rSr 6-1 300|9|15|17|32|3.55|7.5|3.5|0|0|0
Kawann Short DT Purdue rSr 6-3 310|11|31|5|36|3.27|14.0|6.0|4|1|0
*Akeem Spence DT Illinois rJr 6-1 305|11|25|36|61|5.55|5.0|1.0|0|1|0
Baker Steinkuhler DT Nebraska rSr 6-5 290|11|22|23|45|4.09|6.5|2.5|0|0|0
Anthony Rashad White DT Michigan St Sr 6-2 330|11|9|9|18|1.64|1.0|0|1|0|0
Brandon Williams DT Missouri Southern St rSr 6-2 328 11|31|37|68|6.18|16.5|8.5|2|5|0
Jesse Williams DT Alabama Sr 6-3 320|10|4|27|31|3.10|2.5|1.0|2|0|0
Sylvester Williams DT North Carolina Sr 6-3 320 11|19|21|40|3.64|12.5|6.0|0|0|0
Defensive Ends
Player Pos School Class Ht Wt|G|Solo|Assisted|Total|Total/G|TFL|Sacks|PBU|FF|INT
Michael Buchanan DE Illinois Sr 6-5 240|11|17|31|48|4.36|6.0|3.5|5|1|1
Cornellius Carradine DE Florida St Sr 6-4 265|11|40|29|69|6.27|11.5|10.5|0|1|0
*James Gayle DE Virginia Tech rJr 6-4 268|11|24|13|37|3.36|9.5|5.0|1|0|0
*William Gholston DE Michigan St Jr 6-6 278|11|18|28|46|4.18|11.0|2.5|8|1|0
Malliciah Goodman DE Clemson Sr 6-4 280|11|9|7|16|1.45|6.5|4.0|0|3|0
Wes Horton DE USC rSr 6-5 255|10|14|18|32|3.20|6.0|5.0|2|0|0
Margus Hunt DE Southern Methodist rSr 6-7 288|11|14|11|25|2.27|8.0|6.0|2|0|1
*Jackson Jeffcoat DE Texas Jr 6-4 250|6|16|12|28|4.67|9.5|4.0|1|2|0
Datone Jones DE UCLA rSr 6-4 275|11|33|12|45|4.09|13.5|4.0|0|1|0
Dion Jordan DE Oregon rSr 6-6 243|10|24|18|42|4.20|10.5|5.0|1|3|0
*Corey Lemonier DE Auburn Jr 6-3 242|11|16|13|29|2.64|5.5|5.5|1|1|0
Cameron Meredith DE Nebraska rSr 6-4 260|11|16|21|37|3.3|5.0|4.0|0|0|0
*Sam Montgomery DE LSU rJr 6-5 260|11|15|16|31|2.82|12.0|7.0|2|1|0
*Damontre Moore DE Texas A&M Jr 6-4 250|11|53|25|78|7.09|20.0|12.5|2|1|0
Kapron Lewis|Moore DE Notre Dame rSr 6-4 306|11|15|19|34|3.09|6.5|4.5|2|1|0
Alex Okafor DE Texas Sr 6-4 260|10|37|15|52|5.20|11.5|8.0|1|3|0
Craig Roh DE Michigan Sr 6-4 280|11|12|20|32|2.91|5.5|4.0|0|0|0
John Simon DE Ohio St Sr 6-2 270|11|22|22|44|4.00|14.5|9.0|4|1|0
Walter Stewart DE Cincinnati rSr 6-3 249|6|10|12|22|3.67|7.0|4.0|1|2|0
Devin Taylor DE South Carolina rSr 6-6 260|11|21|15|36|3.27|7.5|2.5|4|0|0
*Bjoern Werner DE Florida St Jr 6-4 273|11|24|9|33|3.00|14.5|9.5|7|1|0
Player Pos School Class Ht Wt|G|Solo|Assisted|Total|Total/G|TFL|Sacks|PBU|FF|INT
Johnny Adams CB Michigan St rSr 5-11 175|11|23|11|34|3.09|3.0|1.0|7|0|1
Robert Alford CB Southeastern Louisiana rSr 5-11 184 11|35|4|39|3.55|5.0|0|8|0|4
*David Amerson CB NC State Jr 6-2 193|11|38|11|49|4.45|0.5|0|9|0|4
Marc Anthony CB California rSr 6-0 200|11|35|18|53|4.82|7.0|0|3|1|2
Johnthan Banks CB Mississippi St Sr 6-1 185|11|34|22|56|5.09|2.0|0|6|1|4
Brodrick Brown CB Oklahoma St rSr 5-08 185|10|37|6|43|4.30|1.0|1.0|1|0|0
Adrian Bushell CB Louisville rSr 5-11 187|10|37|10|47|4.70|0.5|0|8|0|1
*Carrington Byndom CB Texas Jr 6-0 180|10|31|11|42|4.20|2.0|0|4|0|3
Sanders Commings CB Georgia rSr 6-1 216|9|33|6|39|4.33|0|0|1|0|2
*Justin Gilbert CB Oklahoma St Jr 6-0 195|10|34|5|39|3.90|1.5|0|7|0|0
Terry Hawthorne CB Illinois Sr 6-0 190|10|26|13|39|3.90|3.0|1.0|6|0|0
Travis Howard CB Ohio St rSr 6-0 196|11|23|14|37|3.36|0|0|5|0|4
Demonte Hurst CB Oklahoma Sr 5|9 185|10|35|9|44|4.40|1.0|1.0|7|0|0
Micah Hyde CB Iowa Sr 6-1 185|11|42|33|75|6.82|4.0|0|13|2|1
Josh Johnson CB Purdue Sr 5-11 195|11|49|5|54|4.91|3.0|1.0|14|3|3
Nigel Malone CB Kansas St Sr 5-10 185|11|39|6|45|4.09|0|0|8|1|4
*Tyrann Mathieu CB LSU rJr 5-09 178
Leon McFadden CB San Diego St Sr 5-10 190|11|42|14|56|5.09|2.0|0|10|1|3
Brandon McGee CB Miami Sr 6-0 197|11|31|14|45|4.09|4.0|1.0|5|0|2
*Dee Milliner CB Alabama Jr 6-1 198|10|28|17|45|4.50|4.0|1.5|14|1|2
Jordan Poyer CB Oregon St Sr 5-11 190|9|24|13|37|4.11|4.0|1.0|5|1|6
*Xavier Rhodes CB Florida St rJr 6-1 215|11|22|7|29|2.64|1.0|0|6|0|2
*Nickell Robey CB USC Jr 5-08 172|11|32|13|45|4.09|0|0|4|1|1
*Logan Ryan CB Rutgers rJr 6-0 190|10|43|25|68|6.80|4.0|0|13|0|4
Branden Smith CB Georgia Sr 5-11 182|11|16|5|21|1.91|0|0|7|0|0
Rod Sweeting CB Georgia Tech Sr 5-11 184|11|36|11|47|4.27|6.0|1.0|5|0|0
Desmond Trufant CB Washington Sr 6-0 185|10|21|9|30|3.00|4.5|1.0|4|0|1
Melvin White CB La.|Lafayette rSr 6-1 191|10|32|10|42|4.20|4.0|0|5|1|0
Blidi Wrej|Wilson CB Connecticut rSr 6-1 190|9|24|14|38|4.22|0|0|5|0|0
Player Pos School Class Ht Wt|G|Solo|Assisted|Total|Total/G|TFL|Sacks|PBU|FF|INT
*C.J. Barnett FS Ohio St rJr 6-0 202|8|32|19|51|6.38|2.5|0|6|0|1
Brandan Bishop FS NC St Sr 6-2 205|11|66|29|95|8.64|3.0|0|4|2|2
John Boyett FS Oregon rSr 5-10 205 **injured out for the year
Malcolm Bronson FS McNeese St Sr 5-11 192|3|9|0|9|3.00|0|0|2|0|0
Rashard Hall FS Clemson rSr 6-1 210|11|38|25|63|5.73|2.5|0|2|1|4
Jarred Holley FS Pittsburgh rSr 5-10 190|10|35|26|61|6.10|1.0|0|3|0|2
*Tony Jefferson FS Oklahoma Jr 5-10 200|10|67|24|91|9.10|2.5|0.5|2|0|2
Keelan Johnson FS Arizona St rSr 6-0 202|11|55|18|73|6.64|1.0|0|7|0|4
Dexter McCoil FS Tulsa Sr 6-3 222|11|48|23|71|6.45|1.5|0|9|1|4
T.J. McDonald FS USC Sr 6-2 205|11|46|41|87|7.91|6.0|1.0|3|0|2
Bacarri Rambo FS Georgia rSr 6-0 210|7|32|19|51|7.29|1.0|1.0|1|1|2
*Eric Reid FS LSU Jr 6-2 208|11|36|40|76|6.91|1.0|0|4|0|2
Daimion Stafford FS Nebraska Sr 6-1 205|11|39|37|76|6.91|1.5|1.0|6|2|3
D.J. Swearinger FS South Carolina Sr 5-11 210|10|50|15|65|6.50|2.5|0|5|1|2
Duke Williams FS Nevada Sr 6-1 200|11|56|30|86|7.82|5.5|0|8|3|0

Jahleel Addae SS Central Michigan rSr 5-11 200|8|23|25|48|6.00|3.5|1.5|4|0|2
*Matt Elam SS Florida Jr 5-10 206|11|42|16|58|5.27|9.0|1.0|5|1|3
Jordan Kovacs SS Michigan rSr 5-11 202|11|39|20|59|5.36|5.0|2.0|2|1|1
Robert Lester SS Alabama Sr 6-2 210|11|14|15|29|2.64|2.5|1.5|3|0|3
xxRontez Miles SS California (PA) Sr 6-0 206|11|43|32|75|6.82|3.0|2.0|2|1|4
Zeke Motta SS Notre Dame Sr 6-2 215|11|29|27|56|5.09|1.0|0|2|0|0
*Hakeem Smith SS Louisville rJr 6-1 185|10|34|24|58|5.80|2.0|0|3|1|0
Phillip Thomas SS Fresno St rSr 6-1 215|11|58|15|73|6.64|10.5|3.0|4|3|8
Shamarko Thomas SS Syracuse Sr 5-10 210|11|55|23|78|7.09|3.0|1.0|0|3|2
Kenny Vaccaro SS Texas Sr 6-1 215|10|41|28|69|6.90|3.5|0|3|1|2
Prentiss Waggner SS Tennessee rSr 6-2 187|11|27|14|41|3.73|2.0|0|4|1|2
Shawn Williams SS Georgia Sr 6-1 218|11|44|29|73|6.64|5.0|1.0|4|1|0

Looking ahead to games this week I am going to just list some interesting games ...

No. 19 Michigan at Ohio State
*Taylor Lewan OT Michigan rJr 6-7 310
Denard Robinson WR Michigan Sr 5-11 197
Jordan Kovacs SS Michigan rSr 5-11 202
Craig Roh DE Michigan Sr 6-4 280
Kenny Demens ILB Michigan rSr 6-1 242
William Campbell DT Michigan Sr 6-5 308
J.T. Floyd CB Michigan rSr 6-0 184
Roy Roundtree WR Michigan rSr 6-0 180
Patrick Omameh OG Michigan rSr 6-4 305
*Johnathan Hankins DT Ohio State Jr 6-3 320
John Simon DE Ohio State Sr 6-2 260
Etienne Sabino OLB Ohio State rSr 6-3 238
Jake Stoneburner TE Ohio State rSr 6-5 245
Travis Howard CB Ohio State rSr 6-0 196
Zach Boren FB Ohio State Sr 6-0 245
*C.J. Barnett FS Ohio State rJr 6-0 202
Nathan Williams OLB Ohio State rSr 6-3 250
Reid Fragel OT Ohio State Sr 6-7 298
Orhian Johnson SS Ohio State rSr 6-2 210
Garrett Goebel DT Ohio State rSr 6-3 285

No. 5 Oregon at No. 15 Oregon State
Dion Jordan DE Oregon rSr 6-6 243
Kyle Long OT Oregon Sr 6-7 312
Kiko Alonso ILB Oregon rSr 6-3 242
Kenjon Barner RB Oregon rSr 5-11 192
Jackson Rice P Oregon rSr 6-3 218
John Boyett FS Oregon rSr 5-10 205
Michael Clay OLB Oregon Sr 5-11 224
Nick Cody OG Oregon rSr 6-5 310
Jordan Poyer CB Oregon State Sr 5-11 190
*Scott Crichton DE Oregon State rSo 6-3 263
Markus Wheaton WR Oregon State Sr 6-0 182
Andrew Seumalo DT Oregon State rSr 6-3 290

No. 4 Florida at No. 10 Florida State
*Sharrif Floyd DT Florida Jr 6-3 303
*Matt Elam SS Florida Jr 5-10 202
*Jordan Reed TE Florida rJr 6-3 243
Mike Gillislee RB Florida Sr 5-11 210
*Jelani Jenkins OLB Florida rJr 6-0 237
Jonathan Bostic ILB Florida Sr 6-1 246
Lerentee McCray OLB Florida rSr 6-2 249
Xavier Nixon OT Florida Sr 6-5 314
Josh Evans FS Florida Sr 6-1 200
Caleb Sturgis K Florida rSr 5-10 185
Omar Hunter DT Florida rSr 6-0 312
Omarius Hines WR Florida rSr 6-1 218
Frankie Hammond WR Florida rSr 6-0 187
*Bjoern Werner DE Florida State Jr 6-4 256
*Xavier Rhodes CB Florida State rJr 6-1 217
EJ Manuel QB Florida State rSr 6-4 240
Cornellius Carradine DE Florida State Sr 6-4 265
Brandon Jenkins OLB Florida State Sr 6-3 260
Everett Dawkins DT Florida State rSr 6-2 304
Lonnie Pryor FB Florida State Sr 6-0 230
Rodney Smith WR Florida State Sr 6-5 219
Dustin Hopkins K Florida State Sr 6-2 190
Anthony McCloud DT Florida State rSr 6-2 322
Vince Williams ILB Florida State rSr 6-0 240
Chris Thompson RB Florida State Sr 5-08 187
Nick Moody OLB Florida State rSr 6-2 237

No. 21 Oklahoma State at No. 13 Oklahoma
*Joseph Randle RB Oklahoma State Jr 6-0 200
Quinn Sharp P Oklahoma State rSr 6-1 205
Brodrick Brown CB Oklahoma State rSr 5-08 185
Lane Taylor OG Oklahoma State rSr 6-2 328
Tracy Moore WR Oklahoma State Sr 6-1 215
Nigel Nicholas DE Oklahoma State rSr 6-3 272
Kye Staley FB Oklahoma State Sr 5-10 236
Jonathan Rush OG Oklahoma State rSr 6-4 305
Lane Johnson OT Oklahoma Sr 6-6 303
Landry Jones QB Oklahoma rSr 6-4 220
*Tony Jefferson FS Oklahoma Jr 5-11 212
*Kenny Stills WR Oklahoma Jr 6-0 190
*Trey Millard FB Oklahoma Jr 6-1 256
Demontre Hurst CB Oklahoma Sr 5-09 185
Stacy McGee DT Oklahoma rSr 6-3 299
Jamarkus McFarland DT Oklahoma Sr 6-1 288
David King DT Oklahoma rSr 6-4 286
Tress Way P Oklahoma rSr 6-1 215
Justin Brown WR Oklahoma Sr 6-3 209
Javon Harris SS Oklahoma Sr 5-11 206
Dominique Whaley RB Oklahoma Sr 5-10 205
Casey Walker DT Oklahoma rSr 6-1 309

No. 8 Stanford at No. 17 UCLA
Chase Thomas OLB Stanford rSr 6-4 248
*Zach Ertz TE Stanford rJr 6-6 252
Shayne Skov ILB Stanford Sr 6-3 242
Stepfan Taylor RB Stanford Sr 5-11 215
Drew Terrell WR Stanford Sr 5-11 180
Sam Schwartzstein C Stanford rSr 6-3 292
Terrence Stephens DT Stanford Sr 6-2 305
*Anthony Barr OLB UCLA Jr 6-4 238
Datone Jones DE UCLA rSr 6-4 275
Johnathan Franklin RB UCLA rSr 5-10 198
Joseph Fauria TE UCLA rSr 6-7 255
Jeff Baca OG UCLA rSr 6-3 298
Jeff Locke P UCLA rSr 6-0 208
Aaron Hester CB UCLA rSr 6-1 207
Sheldon Price CB UCLA Sr 6-1 180

Missouri at No. 9 Texas A&M
*Sheldon Richardson DT Missouri rJr 6-3 295
Zaviar Gooden OLB Missouri rSr 6-2 230
T.J. Moe WR Missouri Sr 5-11 200
Brad Madison DE Missouri rSr 6-4 265
Elvis Fisher OT Missouri rSr 6-5 300
Kip Edwards CB Missouri rSr 6-1 200
Kendial Lawrence RB Missouri Sr 5-09 195
Will Ebner ILB Missouri rSr 6-0 230
*Luke Joeckel OT Texas A&M Jr 6-6 310
*Damontre Moore DE Texas A&M Jr 6-4 250
*Jake Matthews OT Texas A&M Jr 6-5 305
Ryan Swope WR Texas A&M rSr 6-0 206
Christine Michael RB Texas A&M Sr 5-11 220
Sean Porter OLB Texas A&M Sr 6-2 230
Uzoma Nwachukwu WR Texas A&M Sr 6-0 195
Dustin Harris CB Texas A&M Sr 6-0 175
Spencer Nealy DT Texas A&M Sr 6-5 277
Patrick Lewis C Texas A&M Sr 6-2 312
Jonathan Stewart ILB Texas A&M Sr 6-4 245
Ryan Epperson P Texas A&M Sr 6-2 195

No. 12 South Carolina at No. 11 Clemson
D.J. Swearinger FS South Carolina Sr 5-11 210
DeVonte Holloman OLB South Carolina Sr 6-2 241
Devin Taylor DE South Carolina rSr 6-7 267
T.J. Johnson C South Carolina rSr 6-5 318
Justice Cunningham TE South Carolina Sr 6-4 264
Kenny Miles RB South Carolina rSr 5-09 195
Shaq Wilson OLB South Carolina rSr 5-11 225
Byron Jerideau DT South Carolina rSr 6-1 316
Akeem Auguste CB South Carolina rSr 5-09 188
*DeAndre Hopkins WR Clemson Jr 6-1 200
Andre Ellington RB Clemson rSr 5-09 192
Rashard Hall FS Clemson rSr 6-1 210
Malliciah Goodman DE Clemson Sr 6-4 280
Dalton Freeman C Clemson rSr 6-4 286
Jonathan Meeks SS Clemson Sr 6-1 210
Jonathan Willard OLB Clemson rSr 6-1 223
Xavier Brewer CB Clemson rSr 5-11 190
Brandon Ford TE Clemson rSr 6-3 235

No. 1 Notre Dame at USC
Manti Te'o ILB Notre Dame Sr 6-2 255
*Tyler Eifert TE Notre Dame rJr 6-5 252
*Bennett Jackson CB Notre Dame Jr 6-0 185
Zeke Motta FS Notre Dame Sr 6-2 215
Braxston Cave C Notre Dame rSr 6-3 305
Theo Riddick RB Notre Dame Sr 5-11 200
Kapron Lewis-Moore DE Notre Dame rSr 6-4 306
*Cierre Wood RB Notre Dame rJr 6-0 215
Jamoris Slaughter SS Notre Dame rSr 6-0 200
Jordan Cowart LS Notre Dame Sr 6-2 230
Nick Tausch K Notre Dame Sr 6-0 201
Matt Barkley QB Southern California Sr 6-2 230
*Robert Woods WR Southern California Jr 6-1 190
T.J. McDonald FS Southern California Sr 6-2 205
*Nickell Robey CB Southern California Jr 5-08 168
*Morgan Breslin DE Southern California Jr 6-2 250
Khaled Holmes C Southern California rSr 6-3 305
Wes Horton DE Southern California rSr 6-5 255
Curtis McNeal RB Southern California rSr 5-07 190
Jawanza Starling SS Southern California Sr 6-1 200

Which games will you be watching and which players do you think would be great Vikings?

Here is my weekly mock. The Vikings are coming off a very nice win vs the Lions and a decent performance from Ponder. They have had a week to rest up and get ready to go to Chicago. It is going to be tough. Right now the Vikings are the 8th seed if the playoffs started today and would not be in the dance. So I am thinking that right now they will be picking mid-first round. I am to go with #16 for now.

16. *Robert Woods WR Southern California Jr 6-1 190
46. Ezekiel Ansah DE Brigham Young Sr 6-5 270
78. *Logan Ryan CB Rutgers rJr 6-0 190
109. *Jordan Matthews WR Vanderbilt Jr 6-3 205
110. Kiko Alonso ILB Oregon rSr 6-3 242 * from Lions
142. Brandon Williams DT Missouri Southern State rSr 6-2 328
171. Phillip Thomas SS Fresno State rSr 6-1 215
174. Chris Jones DT Bowling Green Sr 6-1 292 * from Titans
206. Aaron Mellette WR Elon rSr 6-3 218 or

Mark Jackson OT Glenville State rSr 6-5 332
Kapron Lewis-Moore DE Notre Dame rSr 6-4 306
Ryan Allen P Louisiana Tech rSr 6-2 215
Stacy McGee DT Oklahoma rSr 6-3 299
Brandon McGee CB Miami (Fla.) Sr 6-0 197
Dexter McCoil FS Tulsa Sr 6-3 222
Rontez Miles SS California (PA) Sr 6-0 206
Marquis Jackson DE Portland State Sr 6-3 260
Dan Molls ILB Toledo Sr 6-1 230
Robbie Rouse RB Fresno State Sr 5-07 190
Marquise Goodwin WR Texas Sr 5-09 180
Baker Steinkuhler DT Nebraska rSr 6-5 290
Keith Pough OLB Howard rSr 6-2 235
Greg Reid CB Valdosta State Sr 5-08 186

Right now, Robert Woods seems to be dropping in the draft. I think that is crazy and by the time the draft rolls around I think he will be ranked high provided he turns pro.
I like Ansah a lot. Considering Allen will be a free agent after next year and Robison and Griffen are free agents as well, I think DE is definitely a position that could use another stud.
I think Ryan has good size and is just a very good all around corner.
I wanted to get a couple of other WRs because I think Jenkins and Aromashodu are probably gone after this year. Then you have Simpson who may not be back or Burton who will have to compete for his spot. So I want to add three WRs to replace the ones departing. Since Spielman does not want to overspend in free agency, there is no need to add another mediocre veteran.
Kiko Alonso is a LB on the rise. He fits the profile that Spielman likes in his LBs being close to 6'3" and over 240 pounds.
I think that the team obviously needs help at the DT position. Adding players late is not a recipe for success. I wanted to do this mock picking DTs later.
Brandon Williams is dominating at Missouri Southern State. He has 68 tackles with 16.5 tackles for loss and 8.5 sacks. He has put up these numbers 3 years straight now. I think when you look at a Akiem Hicks who played in Canada and now is doing well for the Saints, you might want to believe others can make that jump too. I also decided to double up on this positon by snagging Chris Jones who is undersized but very productive. He has 17 tackles for loss and 11.5 sacks thus far. I actually think he will go higher before it is all said and done. Last year he had 14 tackles for loss and 8.5 sacks. The year before he had 11 tackles for loss and 6 sacks. So he is not a one year wonder and is getting better.

I put this in a previous weekly mock but I think that Spielman could be happy with his offensive linemen. He probably will resign Schwartz and he obviously likes Mark Asper. I expect that he wants those two to be his starters next year. You have Demarcus Love who will be coming back too. Here is how the line looks now ...

Matt Kalil 6'7" 306 Age 23
Charlie Johnson 6'4" 305 Age 28
John Sullivan 6'4" 301 Age 27
Brandon Fusco 6'4" 306 Age 22
Phil Loadholt 6'8" 343 Age 26
Geoff Schwartz 6'6" 331 Age 26
Joe Berger 6'5" 315 Age 30
Mark Asper 6'6" 321 Age 26
Demarcus Love 6'4" 315 Age 22
Troy Kropog 6'6" 308 Age 26
Kevin Murphy 6'7" 295 Age 22
Tyler Holmes 6'5" 308 Age 24

That is why I passed on interior offensive line help. If they cannot resign Loadholt then maybe I adjust my draft thoughts. Maybe.

What I would do in the next 2 to 3 weeks is snag some players off of other teams practice squads. The first one would be ...

Brandon Washington OG 6’2.7" 320 from the Rams practice squad. I would let Joe Berger go. Washington was supposedly a 3rd round talent but did not get drafted until the 6th round. Most think he came out too early and needed to mature a little. But he is very talented and also played left tackle for Miami.

The next player would be ...

Alameda Ta'amu DT 6'3" 348 from the Steelers practice squad. I would let Allen Reisner, Devin Aromashodu, or Tyrone McKenzie go. Probably Aroma. Ta'amu has had some problems and still has to face the consequences for his DUI. He probably will get suspended a game or two as well. But that is OK. I think that was a wake up call (hopefully) to get on the straight and narrow and put in the hard work to become a solid starter in the league. I still like him and he would bring some serious beef to the defensive line. Maybe a fresh start is all he needs? Either way you slice it is a no risk move by the Vikings. They can get him and pay him very little. He will have a chance to prove he can be a decent rotational run stuffing DT.

Another player I like would be ...

Jeff Fuller WR 6'4" 215 from the Dolphins practice squad. I would let one of the others from above go. I think Fuller has a lot of "potential". He was undrafted and is probably itching to prove he belongs. I like these kinds of players. His season in 2010 was no fluke. He caught 72 passes for 1066 yards and 12 TDs. In 2011 he caught 70 passes for 828 yards and 6 TDs but everyone said that it was a down or even bad year for him. He did have too many drops for sure but those stats are pretty similar. I think he is a guy who can play in the NFL and he definitely can do Jenkins role. Well I hope he can.

Spielman has plucked some players from other teams practice squads in the past so this is really not anything new. Juaquin Iglesias was snagged from the Bears practice squad. Although he did not make the team the next season it is a cheap way to try and find some potential talent.

Well there it is. I hope that you can watch your team(s) and provide some feedback on players you think that can make it in the NFL

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