Predictions for the rest of 2012 season, and my look at the 2013 free agency.

First off i would like to say that i didn't expect this to be a decent year for the Vikings. Nobody would have thought that in a year that was supposed to be a rebuilding year that the vikings would be 6-4 through 10 weeks. We have a very young team that is only going to get better with time and im very optimistic for this team for years to come. We have a very tough rest of the schedule and how we manage to handle it will control our destiny, the playoffs are not out of question this year. Here is my opinion for the rest of the 2012 NFL season, the upcoming 2013 draft and players from free agency that i would love to see in purple and gold next year. SKOL VIKES!!!!!


This will be a very tough game at Soldier field. We have not won here since 2007 and i don't think that the Bears will be very easy for us on Sunday. It will help if Cutler is still sidelined with a concussion but our best receiver is also looking doubtful, and we will need everyone to step up this game to come out with a win. The defense will have to step up and get to the quarterback no matter who is playing (cutler or Campbell) and i hope that Allen and Brian Robison can step up and give the quarterback hell. I see Peterson rushing for another 100 yards, Chicago's defense is touch but Peterson is just not human like and he will find the holes to break through for tough and long gains. If Cutler plays i figure this to be a close game with the Bears barely winning 24-21 but with Cutler out and very unproven quarterback Campbell i figure this to be a game where our defense gets to him and gets some turnovers with the Vikings prevailing and coming out with a 27-20 win.

VS. Green bay (AWAY)

Jeeze! does it get any better? First we play the bears at Soldier field and then Green bay at home. I figure it to be some what close but Green bay to stay on fire coming out with a bang and a 30-24 win.


Finally a home game. Our fans will be noisy and i believe that will play a major factor in the game like it usually is, with a decent game from Ponder and Adrian Peterson i see a victory for the vikings 27-21

VS. Rams- WIN 24-17

VS. Houston- Loose 31-27

VS. Green bay- Win (packers will probably for sure be in the playoffs and just resting the starters) 21-17


SIGN WR: Greg Jennings- Yes, i believe well make a run at Greg, he's still under the age of 30 and will be a huge upgrade over receivers like Devin Aromashodu, and Michael Jenkins. We need a number 2 receiver to help with Ponder's development, I don't think spielman will be trying to spend enough money for Wide receivers that i would choose over Jennings like Dwayne Bowe, or Mike Wallace.

SIGN NT: Terrance Knighton- There is no doubt that our run defense is not top caliber anymore, people are taking advantage of that and it's creating quarterbacks to have success against us using play action, Knighton will step in but i also believe we will use a decent draft pick on a DT in the 2013 draft

SIGN OLB: Justin Durant- Yes, the Lions would be making a HUGE mistake if they didn't lock up Durant during the off season, but with a disappointing year for Detroit he might decide to take his chance for a bigger payday next off season. We all know that Erin Henderson isn't the answer and with Durant on our team our defense would improve even more.

SIGN CB. Tracy Porter- This is another big "IF" cus I'm not sure Denver would be willing to let him walk. Porter has a thing for being around the ball and is a good tackler. With Chris Cook's injuries and his off the field incident last year im not sure if he'll ever be the shut down corner we thought he would be when we drafted him high. Porter would step in and help a secondary that has some decent players but needs improvement and help create more turnovers. We need a cornerback that can help with interceptions, knowing the Vikings are a team that has not had very many in the past few years.

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