Viking Vs Bears Deja Vu

Today the All Powerful Vikings(AP) beat the the Toilet Seats(Chicago Bears) by the score of 21-14. Back in week 7 when the Vikings beat the Cardinals what was the score? Thats right 21-14. Why does that have anything to do with todays game? Ill tell you both games are similar in different ways.

Ponders Play

You can be hater or a player on Ponder I do not understand the arguments for both(though i am player and not a hater). But comparing these two games today's game he actually played better than he did vs the cardinal. WHAT! how could he of done better you say esp how he has been playing lately. Yes this game was 7 weeks ago and we were playing at much higher than we are right now. Any way here is the point that I am trying to make:

Vs AZ 8/17 57 yds1 td 2 int

Vs Chi 11/17 91 yds 1 int

Yes those are the stats that no one wants to see but yet they were good enough to win the game. In todays game I managed to get a few positive out of the game but with positives there are negatives.


1. He did not throw the game away today. 2. He manage to throw accurate passes when we needed it esp on third down. 3. He did manage to manage this game.


1. Threw another Int. 2. Made some bad decisions throwing off his back foot, ex the int. There was even that sack where he threw on the way down.

Running Back

I do not think i need to say much here because we all know how good All Day Adrian Peterson is.

Here is his stats though:

Vs AZ - 23 carries 153 yds 1 TD

Vs Chi- 31 carries 154 yds 2 TDS

Wide Receivers/ Tight Ends

Unlike the AZ game we had Percy Harvin in that game and he was the leading receiver in that game with 4 catches 37 yds and a td

Today a receiver managed to catch in the first qtr and on the first drive but yet there still was not much production and today's top wide out was Michael Jenkins with 4 catches 36 yds.

In both games not single positive yard was posted by a Tight End. Ellison had the only catch by a TE and it went for negative two yards.

The Defense

In both games the defense gave 100 yards to a receiver in both games.(Roberts and Marshall) However the Cardinals managed to have a 100 yard rusher as well when the Bears fell 15 yards short. In both games we managed to get pressure on the QB. Though we did not get 7 sacks on Cutler like we did on Skeleton we did manage to cause a ton of problems for Cutler and he managed to throw to bad passes on to Robinson and Paul Krause i mean Harrison Smith.( Where did I get that idea, beats me.) The Golden Domer managed to have the deciding play in both games with a pick 6 that manage to make a score of 21-7. Without those, would the results of these games be different. Would the scores of been 14-7 finals? We may not know nor should because of the great trade that Spielman made for him.

Musgrave's Playcalling

Dam I say it but in these two games Musgrave called a good game.(He is still on my s#!t list and needs to go). In these two games he understood that Peterson is the face of the Franchise and needs to get his carries. With calling the run plays more than pass it makes us one dimensional but with a running back like Adrian Peterson who needs to pass. I am not showing support here but I am trying to show at least twice this season Musgrave has called two decent games but 2 out 13 is not very good now is it.

I would love to hear peoples feedback on this post. This is literally my first blog that I have ever written so bear with me. If there is something that you agree or disagree with what i said go ahead and comment I try to open minded in most cases though my friend may say otherwise. This is a perspective that I looked and just want other peoples thought.

P.S. I grew up my with pretty much Bears fans my whole life and with the Vikings beating the Bears today I get bragging rights for the week. Honestly I am suprised how I am not bears fan but at the same time i am glad i am not.


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