All you Chicken Littles need to go back to the coop and sit on your eggs, the Sky is not falling because of CP7

Get you fingers off the panic button,there's no need to storm the the front office with torches as if your looking for Frankenstein just because you don't like the way the metrics look or the QBR on CP7 . Comparing his numbers to any other QB is pointless unless they share identical factors like the same WR ,O-Line and OC calling plays and the same opponents there is no fair comparison no matter how you look at the numbers !

The downside for many of you is that you have grown up in the age of Microwaves and your spoiled on instant gratification and that's just sad if that's the way you go through life,

As Troy Aikman said not even Joe Montana could do any good with this team of receivers during the GB game and i wouldn't be surprised if Joe Webb isn't happy just to watch instead of taken the beating that CP7 is on and off the field , i like Joe but a big part of his running for it is because he has problems reading defenses fast enough to make a play before getting sacked and has yet to show any improvement in practice that's why he is stuck in backup mode or they wouldn't have draft a QB when they did .

the following is part of a post by Scott Reighard at the bleacher report he kinda sums it up well

Those couch potatoes of the football illiterate club, who probably play football on Xbox, have no idea. A great head coach that I worked for once said, “Those who know don’t speak. Those who don’t know never shut up.” I love that quote. It speaks volumes about the back-and-forth of the article comment world.

So, what to do about Ponder? Again, I am not going to run through the numbers. I am not going to discuss the deplorable depth and ability of this crop of receivers, because that would squarely place some of the blame on personnel because we signed several “castoffs,” or missed on draft choices, but clearly we have one of the poorest receiving corps in the NFL. We all know the numbers, so let’s look at the intangibles.

Ponder is a leader. Several players have indicated as much. There is no doubt he needs a lot of work (footwork, pocket presence), but does it make sense for the Vikings to bench him and put in Webb? Of course not, and if you think otherwise than you are not thinking clearly.

Webb is not an NFL quarterback. I repeat, not an NFL QB. He’s a gimmick, and to me he's a waste of a roster spot. Sure, everyone sees athletic ability, but to run an NFL offense for 16 games is another matter. Webb might be good for a series here or there, maybe even a game or two, but he is clearly not the answer.

I know many fans are sitting there looking at Colin Kaepernick and saying: Why not? Kaepernick and Webb are at different levels. Kaepernick more than proved his worth at Nevada. Joe Webb attended Alabama-Birmingham. Look, when you live in Alabama and you don’t attend Auburn or 'Bama, that speaks volumes to me. Joe is not the answer no matter how much you want to believe that.

And let’s not forget fans who say, “Look at Luck or RGIII, or Wilson for that matter.” Comparing Ponder to those QBs and their situations would be like comparing a cousin in Pittsburgh to one in Mankato—it’s just not a fair comparison.

this is the link for the whole post ;

Now you dont want to get rid of another possible Drew Breese type like his first team did do you

So you just need too let things cook a little longer and in the end it will taste better , see how long you can go without the use of a microwave , who knows it might even help your love life !

and a SKOL Merry Christmas to all

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