Keeping the tradition alive! Week 17 Superstition GB @ MN - Madden 13 SIM

If you have been following the previous 2 weeks, Madden has predicted the winner of which I posted against the Rams and Texans(and actually they predicted the Bears but I didn't post that one till the following week when I knew for sure what I was doing directly correlated to their W column)

The last two weeks gave some very close matchups in Madden, however in real life the games were blow outs... which brings me to what I worry most about the following sim. I up'd the quarter length to 15 min CPU v CPU watch and let em go.. wouldn't you have guessed it the Vikings came out with the victory again by the score of 56 to 35.

Here are the stats..


Ponder- 116.00 QBR - 9/15 ATT - 271 YDS - 4 TD - 1 INT

Rodgers- 83.6 QBR - 26/44 ATT - 360 YDS - 5 TD - 5 INT


Peterson- 20 ATT - 75 YDS - 1 TD

Felton- 1 ATT - 9 YDS

Ponder- 4 ATT - 43 YDS

Grant- 5 ATT - 31 YDS

Starks- 3 ATT - 15 YDS

Green- 2 ATT - 0 YDS

Rodgers- 1 ATT - 11 YDS


Rudolph- 7 REC - 150 YDS - 3 TD

Simpson- 1 REC - 55 YDS - 1TD

Wright- 1 REC - 66 YDS

Jennings- 7 REC - 129 YDS

Jones- 7 REC - 105 YDS

Cobb- 4 REC - 35 YDS

Finley- 3 REC- 27 YDS

Driver- 2 REC- 48 YDS

Grant- 1 REC- 8 YDS

Crabtree- 1 REC- 11 YDS

Starks- 1 REC - negative 3 YDS

Defensively for the Vikings they dominated, 5 interceptions including 2 pick 6's.. the first was off a batted pass by K.Williams that flew up in the air and came down into Sanfords hands for the easy TD only 1:16 seconds into the game. Second was from C.Cook taking a horrible pass by Rodgers back 37 yards to begin the 4th quarter.

And as many TDs as Rodgers had.. THREE of them came off of 3 onside kick recoveries in the 4th quarter.. this game was over the first snap.

Funny tidbit came with only minute remaining the Vikings had the ball and were running out the clock when GB decided to take a timeout as if they were still fighting for the W. Instead of handing off to Peterson again, Ponder threw a 55 yard bomb to Simpson in the endzone for the put away.

So are we superstitious much? Does the fact the CPU predicted a blow out mean that we are in the for biggest nail biter of the season? Lots of stuff to discuss in this long week leading up to the biggest game for the Vikings since 2009.

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