My Ideal Offseason for the Vikings

I'll start this article off by saying how amazed i am that we pulled off that win against the Texans. It was a complete team effort and good four quarters of the game for the Vikings, and now if we win at home against the Packers we will be in the playoffs! SKOL VIKES!! Let's beat the Pack!

Now on to the actual conversation. Leslie Frazier has pulled around and has been a decent coach this year, I don't fully agree on keeping Offensive Coordinator Musgrave around but if we do then i still see optimism going into the 2013 season.


WR: Percy Harvin and RB: Toby Gerhart to the Arizona Cardinals for WR: Larry Fitzgerald.

Yes, I know loosing Harvin would be tough, im a big fan of Harvin but the fact that he has shown some disrespect towards Frazier and is starting to become a problem in the locker room then I can see Frazier showing him the door and looking to trade him this off season. And who could be better in purple and gold then Mr. Fitzgerald himself. He is from Minnesota so he would be back home and come on he used to be our ball boy. Ponder and Fitzgerald would be a sure connection and Fitzgerald would definitely help us compete for a Superbowl. And for Gerhart, yes he adds that 1-2 punch with Peterson but Arizona will be looking for help knowing that a Report from NFL.COM states that Beanie Wells figures that this will be his last year with them, and honestly we could find another decent running back to fill in behind Peterson.


Sign OG: Andy Levitre... it would be hard to see the Bills let this guy leave VIA free agency but it would be a huge pickup for us. He would be a day 1 starter over the terrible Charlie Johnson. With Levitre and maybe getting an Offensive Guard in rounds 1-4 in the draft, we could have the best offensive line in the NFL.


RD 1: Sylvester Williams- DT 6"3: The Only reason i have us taking Sylvester is because i believe he will be the best Defensive Tackle left on the board when we pick. Id love us to take Lotulelei who will be gone within the 1st 10 picks or Jesse Williams but they both will be gone. Williams would start next to Kevin Williams and help fill the void that Pat Williams left when we got chose not to resign him. Williams Wall PT 2.

RD 2: Da'Rick Rogers- WR: I really hope that this talented receiver is still on the board when we pick in the 2nd round. He will be a huge upgrade over our receiver corp that we have here in 2012.. Just think of Fitzgerald, Rogers, Wright, and Simpson (if he gets resigned) as our receivers in 2013.. then add in the fact that we have Kyle Rudolph as our TE, this would be a really scary group to face.

RD 3: Shayne Skov- ILB: We all have been talking about needing a new middle linebacker, many say Skov would be available in the 3rd round so if he is here, then i could see the vikings calling his name. Even though Jasper Brinkley has improved a little this year, i could see Skov beating him for the position in training camp and being a upgrade over Brinkley.

RD 4: Ray-Ray Armstrong- CB: With Winfield in his last years with the Vikings before he retires, We will be looking to find Defensive Backs that could help fill in with Winfield gone. Armstrong standing at 6"4 could cover some of the taller receivers, i haven't heard much of this kid but i think he would be an option to look at here in the draft

RD 4: Hugh Thorton- OG 6'4: We obviously need help at Offensive Guard because Brandon Fusco and Charlie Johnson just aren't getting the job done. With the Job that Johnson did last year, we should have gotten rid of him at the start of this year because he is just horrible. I'm not saying that Thorton would come in and win a starting position but he could be a good backup to the Guard position for whoever is starting in 2013.

That's all im going to write for tonight.. This article is getting pretty long as it is... My apologies for those who don't like super long articles. I have covered every position that i think needs updating in 2013 and hopefully with a good off season this coming year, we will compete for a title for years to come. Thanks for reading

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