Minnesota Vikings 2012 Defense

Riding high on the heels of an absolute decimation of the Texans' high powered offense last week, I decided to look at the Vikings Defensive Team stats on and found some pretty surprising stats. I'd like to share them with ya'll. The defense that consistently ranks high in a lot of categories comes as a surprise, The Pittsburgh Steelers who are, respectively sitting at 7-8. Our beloved (and sometimes hated) defense however is sitting in the botton portion of a lot of statistics.

PPG or how many points the defense is giving up per contest.

The Vikings are sitting at 20.9 points given up per game, good enough for a respectable 11th in the league. The leader of that category which comes at the surprise of almost no one is the Seattle Seahawks averaging a league best 15.5 points per game. The Seahawks defense has been playing lights out all year long.

TotPts or Total Points allowed all season for our team is 314, also good enough for 11th best in the league. The Seahawks also sit at number 1 in that category with 232.

ScrmPlays or total plays as a defense all season for our team is a whopping 1,022 which puts us at 4th worst in the league only being on the field for more plays than the Baltimore Ravens, Browns, and Jaguars. This has been one of the killers at times when the Vikings defense hasn't fared admirably.

YPG or how many yards we're giving up total per game is at 346.3, or 17th in the league. This has been better than our previous years, but still an area where we need to improve. The Steelers are averaging a league best 272.9 YPG. The *Saints are giving up a league worst 434.1 yards through the air and on the ground.

Yds/P or how many yards we're giving up each play.

We're averaging 5.1 yards given up per play, 23rd in the league. The Steelers hold the best average with 4.6 yds per play. How is that team 7-8 again?

1st/G or how many first downs we allow per game

21.4 for our Vikings 26th in the league. This has been a problem that correlates directly with TOP average. The best team, again is the Steelers with 17 per game.

This is the stat that may not surprise you stat guru's out there

3rdMD or how many 3rd down conversions we've allowed is 89/217 for a league WORST. The best team is the Texans with 62/200. We need to get better on third down. Captain Obvious strikes again, (or Scooter which is what they call me at work when I make my seemingly obligatory mess for the day)


The Vikings defense is penalized 8th most in the league with 104 while giving up 906 yards. A lot of those came from that defensive crap fest in week 2 against the Colts.

Lastly TOP/G or the amount of time per game your defense is on the field.

We average 31:48 or a little over half the game where our defense is on the field. 6th worst in the NFL. The league best is the Texans with 27:37.

Now this isn't to put a damper on the excitement leading up towards our week 17 matchup, just some stats I found interesting. Our defense is a lot better than last years, but we still mark low in some KEY areas. With the offseason approaching unless you are a Purple Kool-Aid Viking'sSBCHAMPS Guru which is completely okay, we have some areas to work on. I like how Alan Williams how turned this unit around, but with a good draft we could have one of the best defenses in the league in a few short years! SKOL VIKINGS!! Let me know your thoughts fellow Norseman.

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