Vick in Purple??

Hear me out before you jump down my throat....

back when Rodgers was drafted by Greenbay he sat behind some guy names Brett Favre. He has time to adjust to the game, picked up poise and now is a great QB. NOT saying Favre was a great teacher or anything, however what I'm saying is Ponder needs time to become a HOF QB. In my eyes, he needs to be benched get his head on straight.

1) Percy is out - Percy was Ponders bread and butter. Percy is the Minnesota Vikings bread and butter. Percy is the really only WR that is worth a damn on the roster. Take out Percy from the line-up and this is what you get....a receiving core that looks as a deer in headlights look. With no good FA's brought in from FA---I blame this on THE FRONT OFFICE

2) Musgrave---come 'on guys. Not to beat an old drum but have you seen what ATL is doing without Musgrave? WIth 2 great WR's and a good TE ATL Is tearing it up? We have 1 good TE AND 1 good WR. SO why is ATL thriving? Their Offensive Cord. is not MUSGRAVE.


Now I realize the title is "Vick in Purple" so hear we go....

Back when the "Dream Team" was being assembled it was because Vick was pronounced "Starter" for the Eagles. Yes he had his 1 trick pony in Jackson (which is highly overrated, and only got paid because Vick made him), he has a great RB in McCoy (we have AP), decent TE in Celek (we have a better one in Rudolph), and a offensive line that has more holes then goodwill t-shirt washed 1 time. Vick is still a starting caliber QB. He has talent, he has an arm, he has running speed, 1 thing he doesn't have in Philly is an Offensive Line. Pressure from Defenses = turnovers. Yes, he has plenty of those. But with time to scan the field, Vick and our offensive line (that still needs upgrades) can turn our ship around.

Ponder needs time to adjust to the NFL as Rodgers did before Favre. Ponder needs WR's as Vick had (minus the shit attitude). We could go get Maclin, resign Percy, and keep Dropman Simpson.

Vick in my eyes is done in Philly. He will be released 2-3 after the Super Bowl because he is due a HUGE amount of $ if he is on Phillys roster.

Trade Philly a 4th and 7th for Maclin.....and resign Percy

Vick is still a amazing QB when he is not under pressure 9 of 10 drop backs. Let Ponder get his head straight for a year and develop.

My opinion. GO GET VICK AND MACLIN!!!!

What do you think......?

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