The Vikings Curse

We are in the midst of our 36th season since our beloved Minnesota Vikings last made it to the super bowl. Since that sunny January day our hearts have been broken again and again and again... and well, y'all get the picture. The chances of making it back to the big game dropped substantially after another loss to the "team who shall not be named" on Sunday. I have only been alive since 1990, but it has been made aware to me, by my parents and grandparents, that bad things have been happening to the Vikings for a long time.

I remember being young, my grandfather was napping and in a fit of rage he suddenly screamed, "Pearson pushed off!!" He then grabbed a bottle of booze and Favre'd it past my head against the wall. He woke up immediately and yelled, "I got the bastard!" When I asked him who Pearson was he mumbled something inaudible and proceeded to stare at the wall like this.


Now I have done some research, and every 11 years since our last Super Bowl appearance something unfortunate and insidious has happened to our Minnesota Vikings as they try to make it back to the SB.


I had no idea about this until a few years ago, but apparently we made it to the NFC championship game and came a play away from sending the game into overtime. I don't know why it took me so long to figure this out. My father mentions "the drop" as he calls it at least once a season. So here it is, and I am sorry for this awful walk down memory lane.


We make the playoffs pretty often over the next 11 years, and then we draft Randy Moss. This season is my first vivid recollection of being a Vikings fan. I was so excited and being 8 years old, I knew they were going to win it all. I knew Gary Anderson was going to put the game away, 35/35 no one had ever done that... and then WIDE LEFT!!!! When the other Anderson came up for his attempt, it was deeper, he can miss too.... I went into the shed in the backyard and cried for 3 hours in the dark... alone.


Too soon? I think so. I will leave you with what I told my parents every week of the 2009 season. When the time comes Brett Favre will run at a crucial moment to win the game for us. My prophecy came true... but it was a year later when it didn't matter.

1976-1987-1998-2009... hopefully we do not have to wait until 2020 to have our hearts broken again. The only way we can break this curse is to make it to the Super Bowl before 2020. If not, 2020 is going to be a magical year where bionic 36 year old Adrian Peterson is still leading the charge, and then everything will go wrong again, and not even Adrian's old man strength will be enough...

Let us end the curse this year. Here is to winning 8 straight games starting this upcoming Sunday against the Bears!!


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