Minnesota Vikings Stadium: Ramsey County Tries Again

Yippee, more stadium drama stuff!

Today on As the Stadium Turns, the folks from Ramsey County have finally come up with their third different stab at a financing plan for a stadium at the Vikings' preferred site in Arden Hills. This one, like some of the other ones, makes entirely too much sense. That means that it probably stands no chance at passing or gaining any real traction, either.

Man, I'm starting to think that this whole thing is making me even more cynical than normal.

So, what is Ramsey County proposing this time?

Ramsey County's third stab at a financing plan for a Minnesota Vikings stadium in Arden Hills relies on revenue from parking lot naming rights, parking fees, an admissions surcharge, stadium sales taxes and taxes collected on ancillary developments.

The proposal, projected to raise $20.6 million per year from the assortment of user fees, comes as stadium supporters rush to cobble together a workable plan for the legislative session and as funding concepts proposed by Minneapolis and state officials appear to be faltering.

So, let's see here. . .all of the stuff to pay for the stadium will come as a direct result of things relating to the stadium. . .no new taxes. . .doesn't involve gambling in any way.

Yeah, the whole thing makes too damn much sense. And it's not located in Minneapolis. It has no shot.

Speaking of Minneapolis, as the snippet quoted above mentions, the Minneapolis funding plan appears to be falling short financially. . .according to the Star-Tribune, it's falling short to the tune of $55 million, and the gap could eventually rise to as much as $100 million. If I didn't know any better, I'd think that Minneapolis didn't totally think their stadium proposals all the way through and pulled something out of their collective asses at the last minute in a last-ditch, desperate effort to keep the stadium in Minneapolis somehow.

But now we have a new financing plan at the Vikings' preferred location. Hopefully something. . .anything. . .will get accomplished in the near future here. The Vikings need to declare where they're going to play by this Wednesday, and have said that they're not signing a new lease or extended lease with the Metrodome unless they have assurances that something is going to be in place for a new stadium.

The clock is ticking, folks. . .but if history has taught us anything on this subject, we should probably just assume that the Minnesota legislature will once again find a way to roll over and hit the "snooze" button rather than actually getting up and doing anything.

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