Oh, No You Didn't !!!

Well, yes i did....I did it....I'm guilty....I'm guilty of....thinking outside the box. OMFG !!!

And the reason I am sharing these crazy thoughts out loud is because I know that between massaging his magic 8 ball and playing with his ouiji board, Rick Spielman scans the Daily Norseman desperately looking for some sign of "what to do now" that he has a new job title and has the little general George Paton nipping at his heels, waiting for him to screw it up more.

So, I was scanning the Yahoo! sports page and came across an interesting article :

It basically states that Bill Belichick regrets letting superstar Richard Seymour go in 2009 and is in need of another superstar playmaker on defense. It goes on to speculate on the notion that Belichick and the Patriots might make a real play at free agent pass rushing machine, Mario Williams of the Texans to fill this need.

Apparently, the Texans are cap strapped and will have a really hard time trying to retain his services at the price he will command, and might accept the fact that they need to just let him walk away and possibly get nothing in return. Well, the Patriots just happen to have the cap room to potentially sign the superstar pass rusher. And acquiring that type of player could push them over the top, seeing as they were just a few plays away from winning the super bowl this year.

Well, that got me thinking....outside the box.

Because, Mario Williams has a classic 3-4 outside linebacker build at 6-6 285 pounds, and he has been playing in a 3-4 defense down there in Tex-Ass. And the Patriots play primarily a 4-3 defense and it appears that they are set up to remain that way. Perhaps Mario Williams, although a serious superstar, is not exactly the right guy for their system. I wonder if there is a different solution that might be a better fit.

I also noticed that the Patriots once again have more draft picks in the first 2 rounds than any 13-3 team should ever rightfully have. They hold the #27 and #31 picks in the 1st round of the 2012 nfl draft, and they hold the #48(16th) and #61(31st) picks in the 2nd round of the draft. I also noticed that they have 2 almost equally good young starting caliber right tackles in Sebastian Vollmer and Nate Solder. (See Spielman, that is how it's done).

Now, the Vikings somehow ended this disaster of a year at 3-13, thanks to Joe Webb coming on strong in relief of our "saviorback of the future" once again, and leading us to a completely unecessary victory over the Washington Redskins in week 16. This effectively knocked us out of our rightful position to snag the future President of Planet Earth, Andrew Luck....but that is a discussion for another time.

So, the truth is that the Vikings are in a classic re-build mode. It has taken a couple of years for this obvious point to dawn on the powers that be who control the fate of our burning ship. That being said, we need talented youth to fill out the many positional deficiencies on our roster and to thus mould into a future solid roster and team. This team is a few years out from being the solid play-off caliber team we all want. So, this leads me to the "outside the box" part of this potentially explosive fanpost.

Are you ready?

What if we, the Vikings, offer a trade to old Belichick. We will trade the Almost Defensive Player of the Year and superstar Jared Allen and our 6th and 7th round picks to the Patriots in exchange for their 1st round pick #27, their 2nd round pick #48 and young tackle prospect Nate Solder (the #17 overall pick in last year's draft).

Ouch! Oh Wait, Wow! What? Seriously, WTF did you say?

Well, Jared Allen's stock is at it's absolute peak right now, it will never be any higher than this. He has 2 years remaining on his contract, equalling $26 million in base salary and $31 million against the salary cap. Then there is the question of his age and whether or not we try to resign him, at top dollar again, for sure. Is that the wisest thing to do when trying to re-build for the future?

We have some good young talent at the position that we can utilize right away. Everson Griffen is a beast and Christian Ballard was looking better than Brian Robison by the end of the season. Plus, we can supplement the loss of Allen with another draft choice, free agent or trade. And then we can focus on building a solid defensive backfield so we can be more balanced on defense.

The Patriots are built to go right back to the super bowl and should be in contention for the next few years, otherwise known as "Brady's Golden Years", so Jared Allen would be a perfect fit to fill Belichick's apparent desire for a superstar pass, right frickin' now.

Also, the Vikings are currently projected at anywhere from $115.3 to $116.3 million in 2012 salary cap commitments, and I believe that is a little bit of an under-estimation. The 2012 salary cap is currently rumored to be around $124 or $125 million. That means that the Vikings are essentially operating on a budget for the upcoming year.

So, the extra $26 million in cap room over the next 2 years would go a loooong way in terms of being able to sign a couple of solid veteran players to fill, say, our needs at d-back and receiver. And, the extra 2 top-50 draft picks would allow the team to start acquiring top notch prospects to re-build with....starting this fooking year.

Additionally, we would gain a starting quality right tackle, who would look really good along side, say, Matt Kalil on the left side. And, we could still either keep or trade away Loadholt depending on how things shake out in training camp.

Another real bonus to this scenerio is that it would not affect our chances of possibly making another trade with our #3 draft pick, depending on how the feeding frenzy and musical chairs of free agency plays out prior to the draft this year. We would still be in a position of power.

There, I said it. Try to trade Jared Allen away to the Patriots for picks #27, #48 and Nate Solder and some trade filler. And get on with the future and re-build this disaster of a franchise to be good over the long haul.

And to Rick Spielman, because I know you are reading this...just agree with everything I said or die!

Okay, shoot me now.

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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