Vikings Draft Results from the Live Draft at Mocking The Draft

I participated in the Live Draft over at Friday and Saturday. NMVike was going to help with the picks but had a coaching clinic and was unavailable. He did have some input prior though.

Here is the link to the draft tracker ...

Here are the Vikings picks ...

3rd pick – Matt Kalil OT – The Real USC
35th pick – Stephon Gilmore CB – Wannabe USC
67th pick – Markelle Martin FS Oklahoma State

The Vikings make a trade with the Chiefs. The Vikings give pick #99 in exchange for picks #108 & #139.

108th pick – Joe Adams WR Arkansas
131st pick – Coryell Judie CB Texas A&M
139th pick – Emmanuel Acho LB Texas
163rd pick – Jeff Fuller WR Texas A&M
195th pick – Chigbo Anunoby DT Morehouse
208th pick – Joe Long OT/OG Wayne State

Prior to the draft the Bengals GM was trying to get me to select Morris Claiborne and then trade him to them later. The last deal we had in place was ...

The Bengals give their #17, #53, #85, & #158 (from the Patriots for Ocho Stinko) picks plus their 2013 1st & 2nd round picks for the Vikings #3 & #131 picks plus the Vikings 2013 3rd round pick.

... I did not get approval from the dude running the draft in time but probably could have went through with the trade anyway and had the board approve. I wish that I had done it just for the fun of having all the picks. But I waited too long and the Rams took RG3 leaving Kalil for the Vikings. Plus the Cincy GM changed his mind. I probably could have done the deal.

I also had an offer from the Redskins of trading RG3 to them for their pick #6 if we took him. I wanted their 1st & 2nd in this draft plus their 1st next year. The Rams traded RG3 for the Redskins 1st, 2nd and 2013 conditional 2nd or 3rd.

That seems like it is too little when you consider that the Giants gave up their 1st & 3rd in 2004 plus their 1st and 5th in 2005 to trade for Eli Manning in that 2004 draft. But the Rams GM wanted to get the picks and could not get a better offer. I have a feeling that I would have had to take a similar deal as well.


Anyway, I stayed put and took Kalil which was one of our objectives anyway. To get the Rams so worried about not being able to trade and then passing on Kalil.

In the second round I lost my connection and represented in true Vikings form. They had to use my BPA list that was required before the draft to make my pick. If I had not lost my connection for that brief period I was leaning towards Ta’amu, Osemele, or Poe. I probably would have had to decide between the first two and most likely would have went with Ta’amu at #35. But shiite happens.

In the third round I was hoping for Jerel Worthy to fall in our laps but the Saints traded up. Perhaps I should have traded up two spots to get him myself?

In the 4th round the Chiefs wanted Jared Crick and made the trade with me. Maybe I should have taken Crick myself. He could be a base DE in a 4-3 defense.

The last two picks I just grabbed a couple of developmental guys because I believe the Vikings will have at least a 3rd or 4th round compensatory pick for Rice.

If you check the draft tracker you can see the picks and let me know what you would have done differently if you'd like.

Did I take too many defensive backs? I think that Gilmore and Judie could conceivably transition to safety.

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