A Change of Heart.

I ask you, What is the the "purpose" of playing the greatest game in America? Answer: To win. What stakes would you take to get that "win"? Lately, maybe influenced by the recent Kalil articles blowing up the combine and Rick Speilman's take on the importance of "Playmakers" over a "Franchise-Caliber LT", I have stopped to think, is this Robert Griffin guy really worth it to draft? Keep in mind, we do ultimately want our team to "win". The NFL is a business, so anyone who can't accept that, really shouldn't be in the business to start with. With Kalil maybe going up on draft boards, there's a chance the Rams might see this guy as a cornerstone for the next decade, and take him. If this plays out that way, RG3 shall fall to us. What should we do?

This season, the Vikings matched their worst record in franchise history? So what does that tell you? No one, if anyone's job should be "secure", especially at the most important position, QB. I love Ponder, honestly. I have faith in Webb's talents as well, if groomed correctly. But after doing my research and highlight searching on RG3, there is a reason for the buzz. Not only that, but the guy is a stand-out class act. He's not the immature dofus that was Ryan Leaf, nor is he the Overweight, lazy, unpurposed Strong-armed QB that was Jamarcus Russel. Take a listen to this. This guy is good guys. I know there's many who believe in the "too many holes" theory, and I am one, but if you pass on RG3 and he lives up to the hype, boy that would thrash that theory in a heart beat. Get the best cornerstone possible to build your team around, no matter the situation, especially in a rebuilding year. And for the people who say "Any QB behind this line will be on their back more than not", I propose to you this. (Since free agency is deep in Secondary and WR.)

The Vikings select RG3. The Vikings declare a 3-way open competition for training camp.

The Vikings trade their 2012 second round pick and their 2013 first or second round pick to move up into range to selecting Reiff, Martin, or even Mike Adams of Ted's OU. Note: that maybe as much wouldn't have to be given up to get Mike Adams.

Even being a Ponder fan, I admit RG3's deep ball is far superiors to Ponder's at this point. And if you take a look just in our division alone, with Rodgers, Cutler, and Stafford, we MUST have a deep ball threat to even be respected on offense. Robert can not only bring that deep ball threat but bring a threat with his legs just as good as Webb. Not to take away from Ponder, but Webb could escape a hole the size of a pencil led. To think about it, Robert is in ways Ponder and Webb in one. Strong arm, athletic, ellusive, I could go on.

Robert Griffin's talents.

Smarts. Check.

Strong Arm. Check.

Accuracy. Check.

Pocket Awarness. Check.

Ability to extend plays. Check.

Ability to forget about the last play. Check.

Only thing I can think of going against him is that people are claiming Baylor didn't face good teams and that Baylor's offense was "simple". Well, I think people were saying that Auburn's offense was the same last year when Cam Newton came out.

Ultimately, I've cracked open my stubborn attitude towards sticking with our QB, but this is a one and a life time thing for the Vikings to do. If Tony Dungy said, "The Colts should take Robert over Andrew," then dammit that should say it all. And I fairly believe that no matter how many holes a team has, you NEVER can go wrong with grabbing a franchise QB.

I'll leave you with this quote from ST.

So what might the risk be of passing on Griffin? The recent past provides notable examples of bungled quarterback decisions that set franchises back.

Jacksonville, for starters, selected Byron Leftwich with the seventh pick in 2003. But the Jaguars' belief in Leftwich proved costly when they passed on chances to select both Ben Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers in the next two drafts.

Of the other nine teams who let Roethlisberger slip past in '04, Houston and Detroit likely wound up kicking themselves most, having made significant draft investments two years earlier in David Carr and Joey Harrington, respectively.

A similar missed opportunity haunts the Bears, who used a first-round pick on Rex Grossman in 2003 but subsequently passed on their chance to nab Rodgers two years later. (Instead they drafted running back Cedric Benson at No. 4.)

Although the selecting Aaron Rodgers thing is getting a bit ridiculous. He would not have been the QB he is today if he started his career on about half of the teams in the league today.

P.S. I still say HELLL no to trading Allen and/or Peterson. :-)

This FanPost was created by a registered user of The Daily Norseman, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of the site. However, since this is a community, that view is no less important.

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