NFL Combine Winners And Losers

Happy Monday, fellow followers of The Greatest Team In The History Of The World Ever!! So as many of you know, this past weekend the NFL Combine took place, and several storylines developed in relation to your Minnesota Vikings.

There are some things that stood out to me, and how they might or might not affect the Vikings and how the draft will eventually unfold. Winners and losers, if you will.

But please, take the label 'winner' and 'loser' with a grain of salt. I really think the Vikings are in a great position regardless of what trades might or might not take place at #2, and who will or won't be available when the Vikes select at #3.

So with that in mind, let's take a look at who might have made themselves some money, and who might have hurt themselves. And when I say 'hurt', I mean 'go from multi-millionaire to...multi...millionaire'. So yeah.

Ready ready JUMP!


Robert Griffin III: One of the weird things, at least to me, is that the NFL Combine is nothing more than making a good impression, for the most part. And RGIII did that. He ran the fastest 40 yard dash for a QB since Michael Vick, and largely confirmed that he will be worth the risk of trading up to get. So that means that the...

St Louis Rams: ...will probably be the benefactors of that sentiment. As Chris posted here on DN over the weekend, the Redskinsare ready to trade their first three picks in the 2012 draft, and their first round pick in 2013 to move up to the Rams spot at #2 to draft RGIII. And that's the opening offer. I mean, if that's the floor of the deal, the ceiling could be ridiculous if another team gets involved. So if the Rams trade out of #2, that means...

Matt Kalil:...a guy that just about everybody is projecting to be an All Pro LT, will be available when the Vikes are on the clock at #3. Kalil had probably the best overall combine when you combine drills, interview, and impression made, and for those of you that think building a team from the lines out is the way to go, you've got to be excited at the possibility of him wearing purple and gold. Speaking of purple and gold, the...

Minnesota Vikings:...might not be quite in the Catbird seat that the Rams seem to be, but they're still in a 'win-win' situation, at least as far as the draft goes. The Rams have Sam Bradfordand aren't going to be drafting RGIII, so if they don't make a trade at #2 and select a guy like Kalil, Griffin III will be on the board at 3, and the Vikes can auction that pick to the Redskins or to whoever wants him. If the Rams do trade, the team moving ahead of the Vikes will be doing it to grab RG III, meaning Kalil will be there for the taking. Either scenario is a good one for Minnesota. Now, if the Vikes want to address a WR in the second round...

Stephen Hill:...might be one of the biggest climbers coming out of the combine. He's big, he's fast, and although I don't think he did enough to put himself ahead of Justin Blackmon, he might have done enough to see that he gets drafted in the late first round or early second. As it stands right now, I can't say that I'd be disappointed if the Vikings went Kalil-Hill 1 and 2. But I think young Mr. Hill might have worked himself into the back end of round one.


Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts: Luck didn't really stand out, but he really didn't need to either. Is there anyone that thinks the Colts aren't taking Luck? Anyone? Bueller?


Whoever trades with the Rams: One of the great things about the new CBA is the rookie wage scale, which makes trades for the top picks in the draft appealing for teams. Which makes guys like Dan Snyder do a 'Mike Ditka for Ricky Williams' kind of draft day trade. And while I call that a 'winner' for 31 other teams and their fans, it's going to be a steep price to pay, and a huge gamble. Atlanta gambled with a big draft day trade to get Julio Joneslast year, and it blew up in their face. Oh, how I wish that the team sitting at #2 was the...

Minnesota Vikings: Look, this is a bit of a stretch, because Matt Kalil will be a much needed addition to the offensive line should the Vikes draft him, and to say the Vikes are losers in all of this is a bit asinine. But I can't help imagining what the Vikings could do with all the picks they could amass if they were sitting at #2. They already have 10 picks come draft day, and a trade outlined above would give them a total of 12, to include to each in the first, second, and third round. And that means...

MarkSP18:...would have the craziest, most insane, off the wall draft and trade scenarios imaginable. With those 12 or 13 picks, Mark would be able to parlay that into 22 of the 32 first round picks with a 125% roster turnover. But because the Vikings probably won't be the beneficiaries of a draft day trade, he can't do that now. And we're all poorer for it. And even if Mark's crazy draft stuff did come true, one of the guys I hope he wouldn't have the Vikings take is...

Janoris Jenkins:...Yikes. This guy has more problemsthan a college math book, and will probably be the biggest risk on draft day. I hope the young man gets on the straight and narrow and can someday be a good example for people. I also hope that the Vikes avoid him on draft day.

So, the next big event on the NFL calendar is free agency, which is a little over two weeks away. But between now and then, we'll have franchise tenders, guys re-signing, and the list of guys available will clear up noticeably between now and then.

And we'll be here, every step of the way.

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