February Caption Contest Winners

The NFL Combine has been taking place in Indianapolis at Ford Field and it's showcasing more talent than you can shake the proverbial stick at, free agency is nearly upon us, the Minnesota Vikings are still working on a stadium agreement in Minneapolis, and the Daily Norseman has just reached 7,000,000 hits. All told, life is pretty good right now and what it might lack in outright excitement it is making up for with hope and relatively little drama (knock on wood). If you wanted to nitpick, we might say the only possible thing missing is some mirth and silliness. Therefore, I bring you the winners of our most recent photo caption contest, slightly late.

This time around contest participants vied for two top awards-the Writers' Choice Award that was chosen by the DN writers, and the People's Choice Award that was voted on by the DN members.

Join me after the jump to find out who won our coveted Burger King crown. Clearly, we need a bigger budget.

There wasn't a strong consensus from the DN writers on this contest. Sometimes we all like the same song or caption, but this time we didn't.

Kyle said this entry from Beserker really did make him laugh aloud, so it earned his vote.

Ponder: Hey, I'm really getting the hang of the deep ball, that one must have gone 50 yards in the air. How's your drill going?

McNabb: I think I just killed the guy with the down marker. Is that a felony in this state?

Fresh from some sun and relaxation, Ted chose the entry from Randytheviking17, a salute to aging quarterback Donovan McNabb's football intelligence.

McNabb: Hold on...go back to the beginning. What's a tie again?

I liked this little gem from 600car.

Ponder: Damn! I got him in stride 20+ yards out! Did you see that one???

McNabb: You call that a pass? Make him earn it man!

Only Chris and Eric managed to agree on a caption. Channeling the spirit of Napoleon Dynamite's Uncle Rico, Purpledork wins the Writers' Choice Award for this fun paraphrased caption titled "Uncle McNabb".

McNabb: Hey Ponder, how much you wanna make a bet I can crater this football six feet into the ground? Yeah... Coach woulda let me play this year, we would've been world champions. No doubt. No doubt in my mind.

Congratulations Purpledork, may you wear your crown with panache.

For the People's Choice Award, we had a tie. That's right, apparently the people have just as difficult a time choosing a winner as the writers do.

The first member sharing this honor is Mr. Fun-Pants whose caption captured three recs.

Practice, we talkin' about practice...

McNabb: We have to run the play again?!?! I threw it within 10 yards of Harvin! He should make that catch...and look at the schedule coach just put up! We have practice again tomorrow, and the DAY after that, and the day AFTER that!!!

Ponder: [Thinks to self] I can tell we come from different families. The Superbowlwinner side of my family would not put up with this.

The second member with three recs and sharing the People's Choice Award is SouthernNorseman.

McNabb: Hey Christian! Me and Tarvaris invented a new game basket-football. TJ perfected the jump pass and I have the patented bounce pass what is going to be your signature move?

And I just couldn't leave out the clever response Loki Loves Purple had to SouthernNorseman's caption.

Ponder's response? The completed pass.

Thanks to everyone who participated in writing captions, voting, and judging. You're a big part of what sets the Daily Norseman apart as a fan site. Stay clever and funny because we'll have another caption contest sometime in March. Congratulations to all the winners and be gentle with our battered Burger King crown because SBNation hasn't given us the budget for a replacement yet.

Oh, and my apologies to those who were irked that Nascar and MMA were not included in our poll from last time about what sports entertainment you use to fill the hours until the football season starts again. There are so many options it's hard to think of them all.

And since this is just about fun, I leave you today with some good music that has absolutely nothing to do with football or the Vikings. What can I say, it's a Monday and it seemed to require some good music.

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