The Results of the Playoff Predictions!!!!!!

Ive been busy, but I finally tallied the scores. Only 3 other DN folks joined, maybe next year will be better. But the four of us all had the testuicular fortitude/girth to put our prediction up against ESPN knowing we would be mocked, judged and burned at the stake (only one DN reader had the Vikes in the playoffs)

I needed to alter the scoring to put us fairly against the ESPN "gurus" because they did not predict the championship games.

So the new point scheme as follows

1 point for each playoff team correctly identified

10 points for the AFC/NFC Champ

25 points for the SB Champ (No points were awarded for this category)

The Original Post:

Lame Espn Outlook, our own Playoff Game

Here is the annual list of the predictions of the talking heads in espn. If you havent already guessed they stick to favorites and vanilla picks. I thought it could be fun if we all put our vision in the comments. Then re-reviewed them post superbowl (provided I remember) perhaps we give points (similar to a march madness bracket) and crown the newest best-est football guru.

The BEST part is Fantasy will be over and I for one still like to play a game when watching games.

Because of the bye weeks, the best way I considered points were:

1 point per team you correctly guessed makes the playoffs

1 point per team you have in the correct spot of order for finish (say team-x makes the fifth seed, you guess team-x would finish there, you get one additional point possible 12)

5 points per team to make the championship game

10 points per team to make the superbowl

25 points correct guess of team to win superbowl

*If scoring seems weird, I am open for editing the scoring system

(Maybe there is already a site that tracks this for us (yahoo?) so if anyone knows it, we could migrate that a ways)

I will be the first to comment and perhaps you could all follow the same format that would be helpful.

AFC Team #1, AFC Team #2, AFC Team #3, AFC Team #4, AFC Team #5, AFC Team #6

AFC Teams in AFCCG

AFC Super Bowl Team


NFC Super Bowl Team

NFC Teams in NFCCG

NFC Team #1, NFC Team #2, NFC Team #3, NFC Team #4, NFC Team #5, NFC Team #6

Redhearring Overall Score 7

1-Ravens, 2-Jets, 3-Texans, 4-Chargers, 5-Steelers, 6-Patriots (4)
Chargers, Texans (0)
Chargers (0)
Falcons (0)
Eagles, Falcons (0)
1-Packers, 2-Buccaneers, 3-Rams, 4-Giants, 5-Falcons, 6-Eagles (3)

Ebster2112 Overall Score 19

1-Patriots, 2-Steelers, 3-Chargers, 4-Texans, 5-Jets, 6-Ravens (4)
Patriots, Steelers (5)
Patriots (10)
Eagles (0)
Eagles, Packers (0)
1-Eagles, 2-Packers, 3-Saints, 4-Cardinals, 5-Falcons, 6-Giants (5)

CanadianViking Overall Score 6

1-Patriots, 2-Steelers, 3-Chargers, 4-Colts, 5-Ravens, 6-Texans (4)
Patriots, Chargers (5)
Chargers (0)
Eagles (0)
Saints, Eagles (0)
1-Saints, 2-Eagles, 3-Packers, 4-Cardinals, 5-Vikings, 6-Cowboys (2)

Zach_Bodenner Overall Score 5

1-San Diego 2-Pittsburgh 3-Indianapolis 4-New York Jets 5-Baltimore 6-New England (3)
San Diego, New England (5)
San Diego (0)
Atlanta (0)
Atlanta, Green Bay (0)
1-Green Bay 2-Atlanta 3-Dallas 4-St. Louis 5-Tampa Bay 6-Detroit (2)

And for the ESPN Folks (Follow Link in first post if you are curious as to the specifics ((I am Lazy)))

Jeffri Chadiha – 15

John Clayton – 16

Ashley Fox – 6

Dan Graziano – 7

Paul Kurharsky – 16

Mike Sando – 16

Adam Schefter – 17

Kevin Seifert – 17

James Waler – 16

Bill Williamson – 6

Matt Williamson – 17

Pat Yasinskas – 19

Interesting Note: Only 3 people chose the Giants to make the playoffs, Pat Y of ESPN, Ebster 2112, and of course, me.


*Tie breaker between Pat Yasinskas and Ebster 2112 was determined when I flipped a coin in a closed door meeting and the result of which put Daily Norseman's Ebster on top! Suck it ESPN!

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