Siefert's All NFC North Team

Many of you may remember the post awhile back about Pro-Football Focus' All-NFC North Team. I commented that somebody really should do another version, because they royally messed up the defense and TE selections. Well, I was working on my own evaluation using football outsiders and the stats at, but then Kevin Seifert, ESPN's blogger that covers the NFC North, went and posted his version late last night. I have to say, it's a much more realistic look at who the best players from 2011 were. I only have a few disagreements, and you can read about them after the jump.

So, my biggest gripe about the Pro-Football Focus' lineup was that they went with a 3-4 defensive scheme, when 3 out of the 4 teams in the North utilize a 4-3. I also thought that choosing Kleinsasser was dumb. Sure, he's The People's Champion and all and it's great to honor him now that he's retired (*tear), and I mean no disrespect, but when you're choosing the best all-around TE in the North, Kleinsasser isn't it. In Siefert's list, only 3 Vikings make the squad: Jared Allen, Kevin Williams and Percy Harvin (as a returner).

WR Calvin Johnson (DET)
WR Greg Jennings (GB)
WR Jordy Nelson (GB)
LT Jeff Backus (DET)
LG Rob Sims (DET)
C Scott Wells (GB)
RG Josh Sitton (GB)
RT Bryan Bulaga (GB)
TE Jermichael Finley (GB)
QB Aaron Rodgers (GB)
RB Matt Forte (CHI)
DE Jared Allen (MIN)
DT Kevin Williams (MIN)
DT Ndamukong Suh (DET)
DE Julius Peppers (CHI)
OLB Clay Matthews (GB)
MLB Brian Urlacher (CHI)
OLB Lance Briggs (CHI)
CB Charles Tillman (CHI)
CB Charles Woodson (GB)
S-NB Tramon Williams (GB)
S Louis Delmas (DET)
PK Mason Crosby (GB)
P Tim Mastay (GB)
PR Devin Hester (CHI)
KR Percy Harvin (MIN)
ST Corey Graham (CHI)

I agree with the defensive selections 100%. I question choosing Matt Forte over Adrian Peterson, and not just because I'm a Viking homer. Neither one of them played the full 16-game season this year, and sure, Forte put up 27 more yards on the ground, and 300+ more yards through the air. But, Forte only scored 4 TDs all year. Four! Peterson scored 13 on the year, more than 3 times as many. So, I value that production more over the extra receiving yards from dump-off passes. I also question Jermichael Finley at TE, although I certainly think it's close. Brandon Pettigrew had a great year and had more catches than any TE not named Rob Gronkowski or Jimmy Graham. He also put up 11 more receiving yards, and grades out as a bigger and better run blocker. Finley is one of the worst run-blocking TEs in the NFL, and had a league-high 12 drops. I'd go with Pettigrew. They also should have selected Chicago Punter Adam Podlesh, who had the best Net average of any punter in the North. What say you?

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