My take on Vikings Mock Draft 2012

Well there has been more then one story that states that Rick Spielman isn't being very active in free agency because he wants to build this team mainly in the draft, which i don't blame him. Yes we should have gone after 1 big name in the free agency, but oh well, as a vikings fan what do you expect? With all that being said this is my take on what we should do with this years draft

RD 1: Matt Kalil- LT ( I would of also liked Justin Blackmon here but great starting offensive lineman come from the draft. With Kalil's great pro day and combine i think that he is a perfect fit to keep ponder from being sacked all the time. I mean hes a beast at 6"6.

RD 2: Stephen Hill- WR (he has definitely improved his draft grade at the combine and hopefully he'll be here at 35 when we pick. From what i have seen hes a very fast player and has pretty good hands and could help stretch the field, and lets all be honest... the Vikings need to upgrade there receivers. If he is not available at 35 id maybe reach for Brian Quick. Frazier was impressed with him after the senior bowl.

RD 3: Jamell Flemming- CB (i would like Minnesota to go after someone like Stephen Gilmore but he is expected to be gone by round 3. I dont think Flemming will be a shut down corner but he'll definitely be an upgrade over some players we already have in our secondary.

RD 4. George Iloka- Safety ( i think if we get Iloka in the draft and Atogwe from free agency that our secondary is already improved. I really like Harrison Smith from Notre dame but hell be gone as hes trying to improve his stock enough to be a 1st rounder- early 2nd rounder.

RD 4. Comp Pick- Audie Cole- ILB (Wow! how many teams have a lineback that stands at 6"5. I think just with saying that, that hell be a decent upgrade. I think hell be great beside Chad Greenway and Jasper Brinkley (if he gets the starting MLB position. I also like Erin Henderson but not sure if hell be a viking in 2012.

RD 5. Greg Childs- WR (Mock drafts still have him here in the 5th round, i haven't seen much of his highlights but think hell be decent depth for us, if a receiver goes down, and his size is around typical size for a #1 or 2 receiver (6"3)

RD 6. (1st of all im only adding this because i heard instead of getting a 7th round pick for Jayme Mitchell) Adam Gettis- OG (Hell be depth for our terrible Offensive line)

RD 7. Randy Bullock- K (I see us grabbing him early in the 7th round because it shows later in the round that hell be gone. I definitely see him as Ryan Longwell's replacement. Longwell isn't getting any younger and as much as i would hate to see him go, i think Minnesota will cut him sooner then later. I just dont believe it'll be in 2012.

RD 7. Brandon Joiner- DE ( Here is also someone just for depth. Hes a late rounder so i don't see them trying to get him to start as we have the amazing Jared Allen and a decent player in Brian Robison. Jared isn't getting any younger and may only have a few great years left in him.

Well thats my take on the Draft. Would love to hear some feedback. What do you guys think? Ideas on who you would like the vikings to draft?

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