Redskins v Vikings - Flashback & 2012 season wishlist

There's debate whether Vikings should have lost against the Redskins. I feel it was the game which re-oriented the franchise and defined what the Vikings are all about. Granted, they only won 3 games but this was most significant.

Right off the top, it may have been significant in draft position for the #2 slot. The player who fits viking's need is in the #3 slot, which is exactly where we are. Let's not get too greedy.

The game showcased a glimpse of the future. It's never a good thing to have the #1 QB and RB to go down. They'll be back.

Here's a few one liners from this article. It's hard to believe they are actually describing the Vikings.

  • Pulled a victory out of this shootout
  • the complete inability of their (redskins) defense to adjust to a mobile QB
  • Catches Another Defense Flat Footed
  • (Redskins) defense was not prepared to deal with the rushing and passing threat
  • Redskins defense neutralized by the option play.
  • a ridiculous 158.3 passer rating
  • the 67-yard Gerhart run with 10:33 left in 3rd quarter.
  • first interception since Week 5 (finally!)
  • game ball goes to the player who led four consecutive scoring drives in the second half

Take it for what it is worth. I can easily forget the whole season and draw many team positives from this game against a team who actually defeated the superbowl champions twice. If we can beat them, we should be able to handle the giants anytime. It was a satisfying win showing the Redskins why they need their own mobile QB and gifting us Kalil back in the 3rd overall draft slot.

Wish list:

Draft Kalil. No hesitation or trade down gimmicks.

Fully recovered Peterson and Ponder.

A solid Offseason of progress, OTA's and training camp.

Webb continues to be active with the game plan to polish the Wonder offense.

An improved OLine that will be around for the next 5-7 years minimum.

A draft and fa WR option for improved passing targets.

Jared Allen remains a Viking as long as he wishes to and is part of the team we open the new stadium. He earns Valhalla Legend status.

A FB option who can extend our option plays either running or passing ( yes, I am referring to Michael Robinson out of Seattle to fit the ticket here who can also be serviceable as a solid blocker, fill any needs on special teams, or anywhere ). Harvin's multi purpose player capabilities have a lot of appeal. We can always use these types of footballers to our advantage. If we have a triple passing threat in the backfield, look out. It opens up so many possible lanes to TE, RB, and WR's and excel at it. I doubt this wish will happen but it would definitely create a lot of mismatch problems in our NFC North division and earn respectability.

What's yours?

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